Lovehoney Love Me Lace Bra - picture shows the bra and Seven Till Midnight knickers on the bed, before they were tried on

I usually post reviews about gorgeous basques, corsets and the likes, but I love this mix and match set of bra and knickers I recently bought from Lovehoney so I decided to share it with you!

I love wearing sexy bras. It makes me feel more confident even though no one but me knows I’m wearing it. I also love pretty, delicate knickers and I’m a bit fussy when it comes to my lower half – anything too high waisted makes me look shorter, I’m not a fan of skimpy g-strings as I don’t like too much of my bum flesh to be shown, and I don’t like visible panty lines. I’m also not overkeen on crotchless knickers (although they have their place in the bedroom!).

I decided to purchase the Lovehoney Love Me Lace black bra, and I searched the Lovehoney site to find some knickers I thought would match but that fit my fussy criteria! I opted for the Seven Till Midnight eyelash lace boxers.

The Love me Lace BraI’m a size 32DD and I purchased this bra in a size Medium. It has the usual adjustable areas at the shoulder straps and at the rear. The straps are thin and covered in a silky material. There are four double-layered hook and eye fastenings at the back which is really impressive; the more options you get, the better, as it’ll fit more sizes!  It also means that if you change your size, you won’t necessarily have to buy a new bra and we can all fluctuate, especially around the Christmas season!  With my 32 inch measurements, I can get a really comfortable fit on hook number 4 (the tightest).

The lightly padded cups push me up gently to give me a sizeable cleavage but they also feel comfy against the skin, so I can wear this as an everyday bra. The padding is non-removable and there are no visible seams inside the cups which adds to the comfort factor.

Delicate lace overlays the cups and extends beyond and above the cups to lay against the skin. It also shows underneath the underwiring and on the back strap, which is a nice feature – a lot of pretty lacy bras look plain from the back so I like the fact the rear is also lacy.

A little black bow and the Lovehoney charm sits between my boobs. Black bows also adorn the shoulder straps.

This bra comes in black which is one of my favourite colours for lingerie.  Unfortunately, no other colours are currently available. I think this bra has been on Lovehoney for a while now so it may be the case that it used to come in other colours, but I’d love to see this offered in blue, purple or green ???

Seven Till Midnight Eyelash Lace French Knickers

These are advertised as “boxers” but IMO they’re French knickers. I bought a size medium and I’m a size 10 in my lower body.

There knickers have a crotch. I like the odd pair of crotchless knickers for when I’m feeling naughty, but I prefer to have the crotch in. There’s no gusset, just lace all over which concerned me at first as I wasn’t sure if that would be itchy and uncomfortable. So I wore these out for the day to test them, and they were thankfully fine.

The black lace feels really light and slinky. They’re a loose fit everywhere except around the waist, so they sit lightly against your thighs and bottom and gently brush against your skin as you move (feels so nice!). There’s a cute pink bow in the centre of the front.


I’m really happy with this lingerie set. It’s already a favourite, I wear the bra most days! Thanks Lovehoney for continuing to provide good quality and attractive lingerie made from lovely material ?

How to get yours!

Both of these items are available on Lovehoney.  The Love Me Lace Bra is £16.99* and can be purchased here.

The Eyelash Lace French Knickers are £9.99* and can be found here.

*Prices were correct at the time of publishing.

I purchased these items myself. Affiliate links are included in this post. If you click on a link and make a purchase, I make a small commission which contributes to the purchase of more products to review, but it doesn’t cost you any extra.   Thank you for your support!