Lovehoney Desire Clitoral Vibrator

Happy New Year to all my readers! This is my first review of 2019, how very exciting! I’ve had an absolutely lovely Christmas and have taken some time out from working, and I’ve also had a break from writing. But it’s good to be back!

Here’s a fact about me: I love sex toys (no surprises there). Here’s another fact: I love luxury, in all shapes and forms. So the Desire range of toys by Lovehoney are right up my street!

The Lovehoney team have kindly sent me this special edition Desire clitoral pebble to review. I have the Desire pebble already which I bought a couple of years ago, but this version is in a brand new colour and has an exciting addition: stimulating nubs. And ooh, I love a good nub ?

It’s worth mentioning at this point that the Lovehoney Clitoral Pebble has been voted ‘The World’s Best Vibrator’ by Good Housekeeping Magazine. This is essentially the same version, it’s just had a makeover with a new colour and textured tip.

This special edition pebble has 8 functions and a whopping 12 intensities – thank you!!! Edging is an important part of play for me so the more speeds that are available, the better.

Packaging & First Impressions

The packaging is purple which is a colour that resembles luxury and sensuality. It’s the perfect colour for the Desire range as it suggests the contents are luxury too – which they always are.

Lovehoney Desire clitoral vibrator

It’s made of body safe silicone in a glittery and glamorous golden colour. Its ergonomic shape is easy to use as it fits inside the palm of your hand. It’s most ideal for broad stimulation of your vulva – it can reach the clit and labia and stimulate multiple parts all at once. However, you can also get more direct stimulation from the tapered tip.

I’m impressed with how quiet the Desire is! If you want discretion, then it’s pretty darn good. I’m yet to find a sex toy that lives up to its “whisper quiet” claim, but this is reasonable. It’s fully waterproof and rechargeable.

So how does it feel?

The nubs feel a bit stiff when I press my fingers against them, but I apply some lube and some gentle pressure and they feel goooood. I gently smooth the pebble up and down my vulva to warm up. I like to press the nubs gently into my clit and circle the pebble but I don’t allow the nubs to move away from my pussy, so it’s the circular ‘grinding’ motion which gets me off.

I really enjoy using the nubs for a bit of a difference during play. I’m quite fussy with textured toys; if they are too spiky then I find them painful particularly around my sensitive clit. I like gentle ridges and nubs, things that add a new dimension to my play but don’t hurt me. Lube is absolutely key with the nubs on the Desire – they feel a lot smoother with lots of lube or clit stimulation gel.

Lovehoney Desire Clitoral Vibrator, close up of the nubs!

What I love about the pebble shape is the versatility. It’s designed to sit in the palm of your hand and is curved, but you can also hold it in your fingers if you want to use the tip for some more pinpoint play. I like using the nubs as a warm up and enjoying the broad stimulation. Once I’m warmed up and my clit makes an appearance, then it needs a bit more focus. This is when I like to take the pebble in between my fingers and use the very tip just to the side of my clit.

I can tolerate direct clitoral stimulation but only on a mild vibration setting; but if I apply pressure just to the right or the left then I can crank up the power and it resonates deeper. A lot of people seem to enjoy this, and I often hear people say they have a side that is more sensitive than the other! (For me, it’s the right…)

Lovehoney Desire Clitoral Vibrator close up of the nubs!

If you enjoy aqua play then you can take the Desire into the bath or shower. I’m not keen on using sex toys in the bath as I don’t like the idea of any bath water making its way up my foof! Shower play is kind of nice, but I’m a bit vanilla in the fact that I mainly enjoy using toys in bed. But the fact that the Desire is waterproof is also handy when it comes to cleaning – you can put the whole thing under the tap, or submerse it in water. Take care when cleaning around the nubs, particularly if you’ve used lube, and I tend to leave to air dry to avoid getting any dirt onto the toy which might be transferred from a towel or cloth.


  • Special edition of the fabulous and award-winning Desire Clitoral Vibrator!
  • Textured and tapered tip
  • Ergonomic and comfortable pebble shape
  • 8 modes of vibration with a whopping 12 custom speeds!
  • USB rechargeable
  • Waterproof for water play and easy cleaning
  • Travel lock
  • Comes with a high quality zipped bag

Where to buy!

You can purchase this gorgeous gold clit rumbler for £59.99* from Lovehoney by following this link: Lovehoney’s Desire Clitoral Vibrator

*Prices were correct at the time of publishing.

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