So Divine Love Egg in its purple and white box with an image of the toy on the front

You’ll have heard me bang on about how much I love So Divine products if you’ve read any of my previous reviews for their products (i.e. the Ooh La La Vibrator, Get Lucky, Bootylicious Butt Plug, Magic Wand, Let’s Go Crazy Rabbit etc ) so I’m at risk of repeating myself again here.  BUT… I really do love their stuff!  These guys can do no wrong in my eyes.  I’ve never disliked any of their products, and I’m always mega excited when they have something new out!  So I was delighted to be asked to review their brand new Love Egg.  Thanks so much to Melissa and the team at So Divine for sending me one to review.

Love is in the air…

So Divine Love Egg in it's white box, along with the small remote control

The Love Egg comes in a sturdy, posh white box with the So Divine logo on the front in silver. Very swish! It also contains two small square drawstring storage bags with the So Divine logo stitched into the sides. Plus it has a USB charger and instructions.

The remote control is battery operated and I was pleased to find a battery came with it. It’s not a battery I have in my stash so I’ll have to ensure I buy a spare! The battery is half the length but the same width of a AAA. 

Soft and sensual

So Divine Love Egg, image shows the content of the box: Love egg, remote control, USB charger and instruction booklet plus 2 storage bags

The So Divine Love Egg is not only divine, it’s oh so soft!  The silicone is lovely and touchable and feels super comfortable whether I’m using it internally or against my clit. The head is large and round, but the tip has a slight taper to it so you can use it on your clit if you desire. 

Noisy? Definitely not! It’s oh so quiet!  This is vital when it comes to remote-controlled love eggs as, if you fancy using it when you go out, you don’t want to risk being heard buzzing into the room.  The low volume is very comforting, although it can be heard ever so slightly once it’s inside you, but if you’re in a noisy environment (or anywhere with music) then you should be absolutely fine.

Close up of the So Divine Love Egg and its small remote control

I’d recommend the Love Egg if you enjoy a bit more stimulation from your play. I love nothing more than an internal vibrator and a butt plug whilst I’m working on my clit. Multiple stimulation means my whole lower body is involved in the action. You could also wear it during sex if you enjoy anal, as the egg can be inside you at the same time. What I wouldn’t recommend is using the love egg anally. It has a cord for retrieval, however it isn’t tapered enough in my view to be comfortable whilst wearing and I’d always be fearful of the cord breaking! I choose butt plugs with a tapered neck so they’re more comfortable to wear, so personally, I don’t use this anally.

On the go!

So Divine Love Egg and remote control sat on their small purple storage bags

Walking around whilst wearing the So Divine Love Egg is quite pleasurable.  I can really feel the vibrations although thankfully, I can hardly hear them!  I tend to prefer the middle constant speed and it’s hardly audible.  That said, I wouldn’t recommend wearing this to a library or church.  But you’ll be OK in a noisy pub.

There’s a cord to enable easy retrieval, and I have a tip on how to get the best out of it… tuck it up so that it rests inside your labia and the end presses against your clit.  The vibrations travel from the love egg through the cord, maximising the pleasure!

Close up of the So Divine Love Egg

This is without doubt one of the nicest love eggs I’ve tried.  So soft, comfortable, easy to insert, lovely vibrations and quiet.  I’ve also used it on my clit when my regular vibrator was getting a bit too painful.  The lower constant speeds are my favourite when using it this way.


Close up of the remote control for the So Divine Love Egg, showing that the battery goes into the back
  • Super smooth silicone
  • Phthalate and latex free
  • 10 settings (3 constant speeds and 7 patterns)
  • Remote control (takes 1 x 23A battery – included)
  • 5m range remote control
  • Water resistant
  • Noise? So quiet! One of quietest ones I own.

Where to buy!

I’m delighted to advise that Boots are stocking this Love Egg! Much love to the high street shops and supermarkets venturing out into self-pleasure territory. Buy yours here for £54.99.*

*Prices were correct at the time of publishing.

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