Zumio Caress close up being used on my stunt vulva, Rachel

I adore the original Zumio; the Zumio X. I love how different it is, and the fact that it’s made by women, for women. I was initially a little put off the electric-toothbrush looks but it works amazingly well! I’d like to thank the team at Zumio for sending me the Zumio Caress to review.

As with the original, the Caress comes in striking holographic packaging. The box is strong and sturdy and therefore useful to keep for storage. If you’re storing the box flat, in a drawer or under the bed, then I would just use the box without any of the foam or cardboard inners. However if you are planning on travelling anywhere with your Zumio in tow, then you might want to use the card and foam inners to protect Zumio from moving about. The head is particularly delicate and could get damaged.

Zumio Caress in it's holographic box!

The Caress has a larger tip than the original, called the Spiro TIP-G. It has a finger-like motion and comes with different speeds. It also has a charging / docking station and USB charger.


Should you wish to use any lube (I always do), then it will need to be water-based as the tip is silicone. It comes part charged, woop!

I have had several really enjoyable sessions with the Zumio S Caress. Being a bit less intense than the original, it doesn’t make me wince with pleasure-verging-on-pain, yet it still manages to make me come spectacularly fast. I enjoy holding the tip just to the right of my clit, as that seems to be my body’s preference. I also like holding it flat on top of my clit, so the tip doesn’t touch me, but the length of the tip does (see photos of the Zumio with my stunt vulva!) Holding it directly with the tip right on my clit is too powerful, even with the toned down Zumio.

Zumio Caress with all its accessories - charging base, USB charger, storage bag and instructions


I was keen to try the Caress as it’s meant to be a little less intense than original, which I found to be the case. Looks wise it’s the same size and weight, but it’s a lighter shade. The tip is 0.5 cm shorter than the original which means it doesn’t oscillate as much as the Zumio X. It’s also encased by a clear silicone cover, whereas the tip of the Zumio X is made from firm ABS plastic. This means it’s still pinpoint, but not quite as intense as the Z.

The noise levels are the same, as are the number of vibrations.

Zumio Caress in its box

I find it more gentle. I used the tip on lots of sensitive areas and tried the original straight after and there’s a definite difference. The original Zumio is so extremely pinpoint, more so than any other toy I’ve ever used. The Caress captures a slightly larger area with a bit less intensity, feels softer and more subtle but not so much that it loses any ‘oomph’.

As for my preference, well, I enjoy both but the Caress wins for me. The original is too much for me at times! The Caress is still intense, even on the lowest setting so it will suit people who need more power, and there are ample options to increase the vibrations. This is one of those toys that brings me to orgasm in record time! When I’m feeling really sensitive, I tend to use the Zumio on the side of my clit, not directly on it (see photo below).

Zumio Caress close up being used on my stunt vulva


  • USB cable plus docking/charging base
  • Storage bag included
  • Waterproof 
  • Silicone-encased Spiro tip
  • Powerful, yet gentle
  • Unique design made by women, for women
Zumio Caress photo showing the comparison between the tip and a fingertip, shows the tip isn't much smaller!

Where to buy!

You can purchase the Zumio S Caress from Bondara for £129.99*.

Zumio Caress laying on its side

*Prices were correct at the time of publishing.

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