Satisfyer Multifun 1 with USB charger and instructions on a blue background

You know when you get a toy that has lots of bad reviews and you worry that you’re going to hate it?  And then you try it and it’s rubbish, and you feel put off trying it again but you want to try to find something you like about it because you like the company… so you have another go, get in the mood and, with time and patience you manage to come!  Twice!  And you are so bloody pleased you want to high five your clit.  Well, this happened…

I love Satisfyer.  They’re generous with their products and I adore their suction toys (see my reviews of their other toys here: Rabbit, Penguin, Satisfyer 1, Pro 4 Couples, Pro + Vibration and Pro 2).  When they sent me the Multifun 1 and 2 I was very excited to see what they would be like as these are non-suction toys.  I managed to catch a couple of negative tweets about them and I tried to not let that put me off, as we’re all different and we enjoy different things.  Sadly, I can see why the Multifun are receiving bad reviews, BUT I did manage to orgasm with them so they might be right for some people.

Multifun 1 – Ocean Blue

Satisfyer Multifun 1 close up of the full toy against a dark blue background

I tested the blue Multifun first.  The blue and pink are very slightly different – the buttons are in different places (though are equally hard to find and stiff to press) and the prongs are different shapes.  And, of course, they’re different colours. Not sure I’m that keen on the traditional pink and blue shades as I like to see sex toy companies doing something a bit different with their choice of colour, but I wasn’t put off.  The silicone is nice and soft and the structure of both toys is firm which surprised me; considering they are being marketed as ‘multi-use’ I was expecting a bit more flexibility.

There are three motors in both of the Multifun toys.  On the Multifun 1, a long press on the lower button activates the base motor.  The button that is higher up activates the two motors in the prongs.  There are 10 speeds/patterns in each (3 constant and 7 patterns).  Again, I’d like to see sex toy companies doing something different here; is anyone else bored of the traditional 3 speeds, 7 patterns combination?  I rarely use patterns and would much rather just have 4 or 5 speeds.

The first time I used the Multifun 1 it was disastrous.  I warmed up with another vibrator first so I was really in the mood to start using it.  Using the Multifun right after a stronger, better (IMO) vibrator meant the vibes felt piss weak and buzzy in comparison.  It pretty much ruined my session and I put it away for the evening, vowing to try again another time.

Satisfyer Multifun 1 close up of the prongs showing how rigid and difficult to bend they areThe second time I tried, I again warmed up but with my fingers this time, not a vibrator.  I applied an ample splodge of clitoral stimulant (this one, if you’re interested) and tried to find a position where I could get some pleasure.  I struggled; pinching the prongs either side of my clit just didn’t do it for me, which may be because my clit is quite small and doesn’t protrude enough.  I used the base on my clit; meh, I could hardly feel the poor vibrations.  I didn’t attempt to use it for g-spot stimulation because, quite simply, HOW?  It’s inflexible!  Unless I shove the entire thing up inside my vagina it’s simply not going to bend enough to reach.  So much for multi-use, I couldn’t even find a single decent use for it.

Eventually, after much determination and patience, I found that using it sideways with one of the prongs on top of my clit seemed to feel nice.  I had to turn up the vibrations as they were too weak on the lowest setting, but they got buzzier.  Pushing the side of the prong into my clit I managed to get a reasonable amount of power in order to build a very slow orgasm but I managed it!  Victory!

Multifun 2 – Sweet Pink

Satisfyer Multifun 1 full view, laying on a blue backgroundI expected much of the same from the Multifun 2 as it’s essentially the same toy, but with slightly different prongs.  After my success with the blue I thought I’d give it a try but in the same way – with a lot of warm up and some clit stimulant.  Patience was key – I managed to orgasm with this one too!  I achieved this in the same way as the above, but once I was approaching orgasm I combined the Multifun with a dildo.  Inserting the dildo and using the Multifun 2 prong directly on my clit did give me a pretty nice orgasm I must say, although it took a long time to come (excuse the pun).

Other ways to use

I tried the Multifun 1 on my nipple, squeezed it either side and switched it on.  It actually hurt despite the weaker vibrations (and my sensitive nipples) and was painfully buzzy.  I couldn’t get the Sweet Pink one to stay on.

Buttons & Vibrations

I found the buttons quite hard to find duiring play on both the Multifun 1 and 2, but it was harder with the Multifun 2 as they’re quite close together so I kept forgetting which one was for the base and which for the prongs.  You also have to press them quite hard to make them work which is tricky mid-session.  My preference was to use the motors in the prongs and NOT in the base as I hold onto the base, and can’t see the point in making my fingers vibrate.  Not that I got much irritation that way as the vibrations don’t transfer particularly well through the silicone.  The vibrations themselves are weak and buzzy.


Satisfyer Multifun 2 close up of the prongsI feel the Multifun 1 and 2 are trying too hard to be all the things; clit vibe, nipple stimulator, cock ring, perineum stimulator, g-spot vibe (err, how?) but it’s failing at pretty much all of them.  The weak vibrations, high-pitched whiney buzzing and poor design mean the Multifun are hard to use and frustrating, and I’m afraid, won’t get used again.

The silicone is very nice and the toys are both waterproof – good news if you want to drown them.

Depending on your preference, the weak buzzy vibes might be enough to get you off.  I managed it (eventually) and I can usually orgasm on quite weak vibrations.  However, despite the orgasms, I doubt I’ll ever use the Multifun again and I’m not entirely sure who I would recommend them to. I think the fact that I managed to come says more about my determination and how easy my clit finds it to make me orgasm than the quality of the Multifun.

This in no way reflects on some of the other toys Satisfyer make – the ones listed at the top of the page are far better if you want to try out their products.  They do suction extremely well!  But the Multifun for me is the equivalent of England in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Where to Buy

Click the links to buy the Multifun 1 and Multifun 2.  They both cost £44.95*.

*Prices were correct at the time of publishing.

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