Cal Exotics California Dreaming Rabbit Vibrator in its box

I have so many sex toys so I’m a bit picky these days when it comes to testing items as I want to keep my reviews fresh and honest, but say something I haven’t said a million times before! The Cal Exotics California Dreaming Pulsating Rabbit came up to review for Lovehoney and I was intrigued by the design and the “10 functions of vibration, pulsation and escalation”. Sounds very interesting! Thanks to the team at Lovehoney for sending this to me.

The first toy I ever tested and reviewed was a Cal Exotics love egg. Since then I’ve had several of their products, including the Clitoral Encaser, Marvelous Bunny Ears, the Scoop and the Marvelous Flicker.  But never before have I tried a pulsating shaft from Cal Exotics.


Cal Exotics California Dreaming Rabbit Vibrator in its full packaging

The packaging is pretty impressive. The clear front window shows the Santa Monica Ferris wheel with the vibrator displayed in a cut-out piece of the background. Upon removing the California Dreaming Rabbit I realise the background is a thick piece of foam with the cut-out piece housing the rabbit, instructions and USB charger. The box is large and sturdy and makes the vibrator look expensive and stylish. To open the lid, removing the hygienic sticky seal and pull the lid upwards.

I really like the bright, summery turquoise colour of the California Dreaming Rabbit. It makes a nice change from the standard sex toy colours!
The seam on the back of the Starlet is visible but feels smooth. Charging point on reverse – need to pierce the silicone and this keeps it waterproof as the hole seals up when not being charged, stopping water from being able to get in.

Cal Exotics California Dreaming Rabbit Vibrator close up of the large buttons

The funky shiny turquoise features make the design look über cool. There are 3 large buttons on the front which have the following features:

  • Top – off button. Select this to switch off all active functions, whether that’s a single function or both the shaft and clitoral stimulator.
  • Middle – controls the shaft. 3 constant speeds. The shaft moves in the most mesmerising way! It looks like rippling water.
  • Bottom – clitoral stimulator. 3 constant speeds and 7 patterns. The tip actually flickers, like a tongue!

You can use just the shaft or the clit stimulator, or both together. A full charge takes 2.5 hours and lasts for around 40 minutes on high speed which is great for me, as I use it on the lower speed settings so get longer to play!

The Clitoral Stimulator

The clit stimulator flickers and teases your clit like a tongue – see photos of it in use. It feels pretty powerful in action!

Cal Exotics California Dreaming Rabbit Vibrator - close up of the flickering clitoral stimulator when it isn't movingCal Exotics California Dreaming Rabbit Vibrator - close up of the flickering clitoral stimulator in action

The Shaft and Pulsating Plate

The tapered shaft narrows to a slim tip making insertion easier. It enlargens to a rather girthy size which takes some time to insert, in fact it goes inside me with a ‘pop’ which makes me jump! The shaft delivers a powerful pounding sensation to my g-spot.

Play time!

The first time you use the California Dreaming Rabbit, you need to deactivate the travel lock by pressing and holding the top button for 3 seconds. Reactivate it by repeating this step.

It doesn’t have that much insertable length which is great as it doesn’t move up beyond the g spot. But it’s a no-no for deep penetration.

I absolutely love the internal pulsator! It feels like a real cock throbbing inside me, better than using a vibrator!  I also like how it stays in place because of its size, so I don’t have to keep adjusting it and I can go hands-free. The pulsating feels wonderful on my g-spot and the first and second speeds are just perfect.  See photos of what happens when the pulsator is in action; it pops outwards and then flattens itself back in.

Cal Exotics California Dreaming Rabbit Vibrator - picture showing the pulsating plate when it isn't switched onCal Exotics California Dreaming Rabbit Vibrator - image showing a close up of the pulsating plate when it's switched onThe clitoral stimulator can feel a bit stabby at times, but has a little flex so I can move it to avoid having direct contact with my clit. It’s very powerful and I love the sensation of the flickering. I like to press it against one side of my clit and leave it there, flickering away. I must say that it isn’t always easy to get it to stay in position as it seems to want to return to its original position. It could use some more flexibility, or what would be great is if you could manipulate it into a position and have it stay in place. There have been occasions where I’ve struggled to come as the clit stimulator has let me down, so I’ve combined it with a bullet, pushing the simulator to one side of my clit and pressing a bullet into the other side. This is a sure fire way to reach a big, powerful, trembling orgasm!

What I also like is the large easy to find buttons which are touch sensitive and simple to use. They make it easy to change the function during play. I can’t be doing with small, fiddly, hard to press buttons! What I’m not massively keen on is the noise it makes as it sounds a bit spluttery!

The California Dreaming Rabbit also has a memory function to save you having to scroll through the functions each time you use it – bonus.


  • 10 functions in the clitoral stimulator
  • 3 speeds of pulsation in the shaft
  • Last function memory feature
  • Travel lock
  • Rechargeable
  • Waterproof
  • Phthalate-free unscented body-safe silicone

Cal Exotics California Dreaming Rabbit Vibrator close up of the handle showing the funky blue mirrored elements of the design

Where to Buy

You can purchase the Cal Exotics California Dreaming Rabbit Vibrator from Lovehoney for £69.99.*

* Prices were correct at the time of publishing.

I was sent this item in exchange for my honest review. Affiliate links are included in this post. If you click on a link and make a purchase, I make a small commission which contributes to the purchase of more products to review, but it doesn’t cost you any extra. Thank you for your support!