Satisfyer Men Vibration and Heat Vibration side by side!

I don’t often get toys for my hubby, so I’d like to say thank you to Satisfyer for sending me two lovely male vibrators for my husband to test and review!  His eyes lit up when I opened up the box… and this is how he got on!

Satisfyer Men Vibration

Satisfyer Men Vibration in its packagingI like the fact I can use the Satisfyer Men Vibration to pump the toy up and down on my cock; the other toy doesn’t seem to have this ability. I can feel my fingers through the thin layer of silicone when I’m using it. As with the other toy, I’d like it to be a bit longer so it covers the full length of my cock. At 7cm in length, it only delivers pleasure to the upper part of my cock. As that’s how the product is marketed, I can’t really complain – however, I think it would feel great if it was a bit longer.

I like the sleek design, even though it kind of reminds me of Darth Vadar!! I can grip it well and it’s so easy to use! I enjoy the feel of the squishy silicone at the bottom and find it really easy to pump the toy up and down. The materials the Satisfyer Men Vibration is made from are silicone and ABS. It’s easy to charge with the magnetic USB charger. A full charge takes 2.5 hours and you get approx 60 mins play time for that, so the charging time is less with this model than the Heat Vibration. A light flashes when it’s charging then remains constant once fully charged.

Being waterproof it’s easy to clean; I sprayed it inside and out with sex toy cleaner and rinsed it off. This model is heavier than the Heat Vibration model.

Satisfyer Men Vibration, photo taken of the full item from the frontTo use, press the on button for 2 seconds. You are then treated to 14 functions! There are 5 constant speeds and 9 patterns. I apply water-based lube to my cock and inside the toy before use. You can use the Satisfyer Men Vibration on a flaccid penis thanks to the wide opening. Inside the toy, it starts off wide and then narrows further inside. I like the ergonomic design which feels really comfortable to hold. I enjoy holding the lower part of the toy in my hand and gliding it up and down my shaft. I wouldn’t say it feels like a blow job, but it does feel pretty good! There is a lot more movement in the Satisfyer Men Vibration compared to the Heat Vibration and the buttons are easy to reach during play.

Being waterproof, you can take it into the bath or shower which is nice!

There are two motors in the Satisfyer Men Vibration, one in the tip and one in the middle where you hold onto the toy. It has overlapping vibration patterns which feel nice! It gives the toy a more realistic feeling. But it does make it rather noisy!

I really enjoyed using the Vibration particularly because I could pump it up and down my shaft, however, my preference is for the….

Satisfyer Men Heat Vibration

Satisfyer Men Heat Vibration i its packagingThe Heat Vibration is the wider of the two toys, and I find it provides a better suction feeling as it grips around my cock. I find there is less movement as it sucks onto me! So I can’t really pump the toy. I wish it went further down my shaft but appreciate it is designed to give pleasure to the sensitive head.

When I first put my fingers inside this toy, I thought it would be too strong but it wasn’t once it was on. In fact, I think I would like more power!

It takes 3.5 hours of charge for 60 minutes of play. The heat function button is at the top; press it for 2 seconds to switch it on. It turns red in use and takes about 5 minutes to warm up. Whilst it’s warming I apply water-based lube to my cock and to the inside of the toy.

I found it difficult to see the + and – buttons when using the Satisfyer Men Heat Vibration in a dark room; perhaps the buttons need to have a light behind them. Having the heat function switched on helps, as that shines red downwards and I can see the + sign better.

Satisfyer Men Vibration photo taken of the full item, from the frontI have used the Satisfyer Men Heat Vibration with and without the heat function and I enjoy it both ways, but it’s better with the heat function – more realistic feeling. The warming is gentle, not too strong. When I use the Heat Vibration, my orgasm lasts for ages! Perhaps this is because it stays on whilst I’m coming and keeps working on me. It’s a perfect fit in my hand, although it’s wider than the other toy.

I would say this toy is my favourite. I love the stylish design and colour. It’s a good size, is easy to grip and use and is light (the Satisfyer Men Vibration is heavier). The only thing I would say is lacking is something to tease my balls, otherwise it would be perfect!

Buy the Satisfyer Men Heat Vibration here for £53.95*, and the Satisfyer Men Vibration here for £44.95*.

* Prices were correct at the time of publishing.

I was sent this item in exchange for my honest review. No affiliate links have been used in this post.