I always get excited when I get new lingerie! Thanks so much to Lovehoney for sending me the Barely There Sheer Green Body in exchange for my review.

This is a one size piece and before I tell you about the fit, my measurements are: Size 10 with 32DD boobs and I’m a petite 5’1”.

Best bits?

Barely There Sheer Green Body being modelled by Petra

I adore the colour! It’s so flattering against my skin. Green is a favourite colour of mine, it looks so classy. This particular shade of green is described by Lovehoney as ‘forest green’ and is quite dark. The mesh is incredibly soft against my skin, to the point that it hardly feels like I’m wearing anything! The black features on the Body stand out against the green and look stylish and classy.

I also love the cut – look at that low plunge neckline! The legs are cut quite high as well which shows off my curves and emphasises my hips and thighs. I’m quite curvy anyway but I feel that this piece makes me look curvier. It’s such a sexy design.

Not for the feint hearted!

If you’re uncomfortable showing lots of skin then this may not be for you; the low plunging neckline, the high cut on the legs and the daring open crotch means that when you’re wearing this, you mean business! The mesh is also sheer so you can also see plenty of nipple.

The fit

Barely There Sheer Green Body being modelled by Petra

The Barely There Sheer Green Body is adjustable in two places – the middle of the back and the back of the neck. But sadly, the top isn’t adjustable enough for me to get a proper fit. The crotch hangs too low! Granted I am shorter than the average person, so unless you’re also around the 5’1 mark then you may find this fits you better. The loose fit won’t stop me from wearing it though, it’s just so comfortable and I feel really sexy wearing it. I just have to accept the fact that there’s a bit of fresh air between my crotch and the garment!

The garment fits loosely around the rest of your body, but that’s part of the design – the mesh gently hangs against your curves rather than hugs them. It’s looser around the bum which I think looks better than if it were a tight fit. The mesh also feels really comfortable and I love the combination of the loose fit and soft mesh; perfect for those hot summer nights!

Where to Buy!

You can purchase the Barely There Sheer Green Body from Lovehoney UK  for £24.99*, or Lovehoney EU  for €29.95.*

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Barely There Sheer Green Body being modelled by Petra

* Prices stated were correct at the time of publishing.

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