Vibease Smart Massager

Firstly I’d like to say thank you to the people at Vibease for sending me this product to test and review for them.

The Vibease Smart Massager is marketed as a wearable smart massager that you wear inside your knickers and use the app to listen to erotic audiobooks. It vibrates in time to whatever you’re listening to!

Vibease Smart Massager

You can sync the Vibease with the audiobook of your choice for a new way to play. It couldn’t be more hands-free; simply choose the book you want to listen to, sit back and enjoy!

The Vibease Smart Massager comes with an instruction manual, USB charger and a black storage bag.


The Vibease Massager is bright pink and really cute. It’s small enough to fit comfortably inside my knickers, but it’s also small enough to use during a session with my husband as it doesn’t get in the way (it fits neatly inside the palm of my hand). The silicone is as soft as can be. It’s gently curved, with a narrow tip and it has a little ‘nub’ on the end.

The tip is designed to sit against your clit. However, I prefer to wear it upside down (I always have to be different!) with the tip poking inside my pussy. The vibrations can be felt throughout my whole vulva.

There are two buttons on the base; on/off and manual vibration/feature setting.

Manual Vibration

To use this without the app, simply switch the Massager on with the left button and scroll around the patterns using the right button. You’ll find 4 patterns rising in speed, and one constant speed.

I used this during sex with my husband and it felt fantastic, bringing me to climax easily. So far, so good!


Vibease is compatible with both iPhone and Android. Please note to use this you will need an iPhone 5 or later, an iPod Touch 5th Generation or later, an iPad 4th Generation or later, or an Android 5.0 or later with Bluetooth 4.0. I have an iPhone so I visited the App Store and searched for ‘Vibease’, then installed it. It’s free to instal.


The first time you use it, charge it up fully. Once the charger is in the toy a white light will blink. After 3 hours it should be fully charged and a blue light will blink once it’s reached maximum charge.


Vibease Smart Massager

There are 5 functions to choose from – an unusual combination of 4 patterns and just one constant speed. I’m more of a fan of a constant speed myself so I wasn’t initially sure how I would find this. Read on to find out!

How to connect Vibease with the App

For first time use, follow the below instructions:

Open the Vibease app and turn on the Massager by pressing and holding the On button for 5 seconds,until the blue light blinks for 3 seconds. The white light will come on next, and the Massager is ready to be paired.

  • iPhone: Go to More tab, select Connect to Device.
  • Android: Go to Device tab, select Setup.

The app will ask you to pair to Bluetooth. Then the blue light will come on and you are connected!

After the first connection it becomes a lot easier to pair – switch on the Vibease Massager by holding the On button for 2 seconds.

  • iPhone: More tab, select ‘Connect to device’
  • Android: Device tab, select Bluetooth icon.

App options

Vibease Smart MassagerOnce you’re paired up, you have a bit of choice on how to use it. The first screen is called Fantasy and lists any stories or music you’ve downloaded. You can also add your own music here which means you can play your favourite songs and use the Vibease at the same time. I added a couple of sexy songs that were stored on my iPhone, or you could even record your lover’s voice and save it here!

The second screen is the Store where you can scroll through a large selection of stories and music to download.

The third screen ‘Quick Play’ is a simple way of playing around with the features on the massager. Move your finger across the screen and you can increase / decrease the speed and power.

There’s also a chat function but I haven’t played with that – I don’t want to invite friends in my contacts to the app! But if you have a friend you want to chat to through the app and share recommendations for stories etc, then you can do that.

Play time!

Vibease Smart MassagerI enjoy playing my fave music and using the Quick Play screen to change the settings around. I can spend hours playing and enjoying my tunes! But my favourite way of using the app is through the stories. Some of them are a bit cringey, but there are some good ones too. One I really enjoy is called “Our little secret”. I sit back, listen to the episode and enjoy feeling the Vibease vibrate in my knickers and the settings change to the story. By the time the story has ended I’m so close to orgasm without making any effort! It’s a great way to build up to a session and it gets me feeling really horny. For NLP fans, I’m an auditory so I am very tuned into sounds. I get off easily on sounds and voices, particularly accents. The Scottish and Irish accents do things to me…! So if you enjoy hearing sexy sounds and noises then you may enjoy the combination of audio erotica combined with the vibrator.


I try to keep an open mind prior to testing any product for review in case I set my expectations too high and feel disappointed. But the Vibease exceeded my expectations. The app is really good, the vibrator feels amazing in my knickers and I love how much choice I have in how to use it. It definitely gets a big thumbs up from me!


  • Slim size and shape makes the Vibease Smart Massager ideal to wear in your knickers
  • Remote control via the internet
  • Smart Massager vibrates in sync with the audiobook you’re listening to
  • Free Audiobooks available
  • 5 functions (4 patterns or 1 constant speed)
  • Silicone and body-safe
  • USB rechargeable
  • Water resistant (not fully submersible)

Where to buy!

You can purchase the Vibease Smart Massager directly from their website, costing $89* / £70.03* / €78.94*.

*Prices were correct at the time of publishing.

I was sent this item in exchange for my honest review. No affiliate links have been used in this post.