This time of year I’m looking for lingerie that doubles as outerwear that I can wear to a festival or on a night out.  I spotted the Lovehoney Strappy Opaque Body and thought it would be great to wear not only as underwear but at a forthcoming festival I’m attending, underneath a sheer top or coupled with a cropped jacket.  Thanks to the Lovehoney team for sending me this to review!

My measurements & overall fit

Lovehoney Strappy Opaque BodyThis item comes in One Size which is usually approx size 6 – 16.  I’m a size 10 with 32E boobs and it fits me really well.  There’s a lot of stretch to the material, enough that when I pull this I can make it double in size!  So it should fit a variety of sizes.

Opaque Body – Looks

The Lovehoney Strappy Opaque Body is very well made with thicker fabric than I was expecting.  It feels like a medium thickness high quality pair of opaque tights.  I was pleased to spot the closed crotch!  I prefer non-crotchless lingerie generally.

The double spaghetti straps shoulder straps are attached at the same place, which means you can wear them however you wish – one on top of your shoulder, one on the side, or both on top.

The Front

Lovehoney Strappy Opaque BodyThe Opaque Body has a straight neckline at the top with a netting-style section on top of my boobs which runs right down the centre to my naval.  It showcases my cleavage beautifully.  It’s very revealing, but it can be altered.  When I first tried it on my full boobs were showing including my nipples peeking out of one of the holes!  After some adjusting, I had covered the girls up and just left the tops visible through the fabric.

The straps start a good few inches away from my armpits which for me means that, unfortunately, the little pockets of fat I have at the tops of my boobs are quite visible.  If you don’t have these pockets of fat then it won’t be an issue!  But for me, it does make me feel quite self-conscious.  I appreciate that with a one-size piece it is made to fit everybody and if you are of a smaller frame then the straps may be closer to your armpits anyway.  It’s a minor gripe and not one that would put me off wearing it, but it doesn’t sit as well on my shoulders as i might prefer.

I like to wear the straps both on my shoulders but with one leaning out towards the edge of my shoulder.  You could also wear one on the shoulder and one off the shoulder.

The legs are cut quite high showing more flesh and a lot more of the groin area!  Showing lots of skin like this makes me feel sexier and I’m quite confident with this part of my body, so I like to show it off.

The Back

Lovehoney Strappy Opaque BodyThe body is cut high at the back showing the full shape of your bum, not just the cheeks!  It came up a wee bit too high for me to be comfortable with, but only because I don’t like my bum that much.  I don’t mind the bottom of my bottom(!) and I’m comfortable showing a glimpse of my cheeks.  But you will need to be booty confident in this as there’s absolutely nothing left to the imagination when it comes to the rear.

The way I plan to wear the Lovehoney Opaque Strappy Body is with denim shorts and perhaps a little shrug when I attend festivals. So that solves the ‘bum out’ issue!

The Fabric

Lovehoney Strappy Opaque BodyAs mentioned above the fabric is thicker than I was expecting.  That doesn’t make it uncomfortably hot – quite the opposite, it’s incredibly comfortable!  I have found this with all Lovehoney’s own lingerie and I wasn’t disappointed this time.  But the quality of the fabric is definitely there and by being quite thick, you’re unlikely to put your finger through it. It’s smooth too and feels wonderfully soft against my curves.


I would recommend the Lovehoney Opaque Strappy Body to:

  • People between a size 6 and 16; there’s ample stretch
  • People who are confident with their bum
  • People who want to wear it as a top with shorts or jeans
  • Anyone who loves black net style lingerie

Where to Buy

You can buy the Lovehoney Strappy Opaque Body from the Lovehoney UK site for just £19.99*!  If you’re in the EU get it from Lovehoney EU for €21.95*.  And if you’re in the States get it from for $24.99*.

* Prices were correct at the time of publishing

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