Thanks once again to the lovely team at Satisfyer for sending me this item for my review.

If you are a regular here you’ll have seen my previous posts about Satisfyer toys  Their suction style toys, which use Airpulse technology (pressure waves), are a real hit amongst bloggers.  The Satisfyer Pro 2 Vibration combines pressure waves with vibration for double the fun.  So, how did I find it?

Satisfyer Pro 2 Vibration

Satisfyer Pro 2 VibrationThis is the third generation model which has an additional feature to the previous model; vibration.  It’s the same beautiful colour; luxurious looking gold with a rose sheen.  The Satisfyer name is located on its side.  The small medical grade silicone head is removable which really helps with cleaning.

It’s charged with a magnetic charger.


The operating buttons are located on the back and are quite easy to find and therefore adjust the settings during play.  The top button turns the suction on and there are 11 levels to choose from.  I love this as each one is very slightly more powerful allowing a slow build up (if you can last that long before it drags the orgasm out of you!!). You can scroll up and down as there are 2 buttons which is great; if I click up a speed and feel it’s a bit too powerful I can return to the previous one without having to scroll through the entire set. I can also get close to orgasm and then reduce the power to delay my orgasm (known as edging).

Satisfyer Pro 2 VibrationThe third button (at the bottom) is the vibration mode.  This can be used with or without suction.  There are 3 constant speeds and 7 patterns although, oddly, 2 of the patterns seem to be identical? (The rise and fall mode).  My favourite vibration mode is a slow rumble; it’s pattern number 7 and sounds a bit like a machine gun!  That one feels the rumbliest to me.

I don’t find I need the vibration function switched on to reach orgasm, the suction is stimulation enough for me.  But it’s a nice added feature to give you a bit of a different sensation, plus it’s nice to have both suction and vibration going on.

Noise Levels

This style of toy is usually pretty loud and gurgly.  But Satisfyer have improved this model over time and it’s got quieter and quieter.  It still sounds gurgly when you move it away from your body, but it’s only noticeable on the higher speeds.

Suction mode only 

Satisfyer Pro 2 VibrationThis is how I started using the Satisfyer Pro 2 Vibration. The suction style feature of toys like this never fails to satisfy me, and the large amount of speeds/powers to choose from make play time extra rewarding.  I like to slowly work my way up through the speeds then turn them back down once I near climax.  I can play for ages this way!  But orgasm is never far away, and when I’m ready to come it takes next to no time for me to get there. In older reviews I’ve described coming with suction style toys as the orgasm being “pulled out of you” and that’s definitely how it feels; like it’s being dragged from your body.

Vibration with suction

When I first turned on vibration mode with the suction, I couldn’t really see the point in it being there. It didn’t seem to add anything.  But I persevered and have come to like it!  Interestingly, I prefer the patterns which is very unusual for me.  I normally like constant speeds but what I like about the dual vibration and suction is the ability to mix things up. It adds a new dimension to play time!  I like to scroll through the various functions and mix things up a bit but my favourite is the rumbly slow pattern mentioned above (the seventh pattern).

Satisfyer Pro 2 VibrationUsing the suction and vibration modes, or even just the suction mode, I can achieve multiple orgasms as I don’t go numb.  Result!

Vibration mode only

I don’t find this does that much for me, probably because I love the suction so much! You could use vibration mode only for a warm up, but otherwise you’ll just want to get your suction on!

Where to Buy

Get the Satisfyer Pro 2 Vibration from Betty’s Toy Box for $59.95* (approx £47.55*).

* Prices were correct at the time of publishing. 

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Satisfyer Pro 2 Vibration