Satisfyer High Fashion, the logo embossed on the handle of the vibrator

Luxury toys are a staple item in my toy box these days and I have a particular liking for shiny, expensive, classy looking toys. The new offerings from Satisfyer are ticking a lot of my boxes! I’d like to say thank you once again to the generous people at Satisfyer for sending me the High Fashion sex toy for my review.

Satisfyer High Fashion in it's luxury packaging on a blue background with moons and stars on itLuxury toys need luxury packaging. You might wonder why, after all, aren’t you just going to throw it away? Seems a waste of an expensive box! But I often keep the boxes my toys come in if they’re high quality. I think it adds something to my sessions. What’s better than donning fancy lingerie, using beautifully scented lube, dimming the lights and reaching under the bed for a classy, expensive-looking box filled with something that’s going to bring you multiple orgasms? Who wants to reach under the bed for a toy that’s covered in fluff and pet hair?! Most luxury items these days also come with a silky storage bag and this is no different (albeit it’s more of a velvet material) so you can do away with the box if you prefer and still have something gorgeous to store it in. But I like to keep the whole affair.

The Design

This is such a gorgeous item with its sparkly silver finish and shiny buttons.  The material is brushed aluminium – how extravagant!  The main body is straight and fits comfortably in your hand.  The silicone head feels quite firm and therefore once in place, it feels a lot harder than it actually is.  This makes it feel quite pinpoint in terms of the stimulation it provides.  The silicone head doesn’t seem to be removable, and it doesn’t come with any replacements (sometimes you get more than one head of different sizes).  But as the toy is waterproof, cleaning it is a doddle as you can simply run it under the tap!  The added benefit of being waterproof is that you can take your fancy-schmansy toy into the shower or bath, for total indulgence!

Good Vibrations (and suction!)

Satisfyer High Fashionm side view of the vibrator on it's velvet style storage bag

You have the option of suction, vibration or a delicious combination of both.  I absolutely love the suction effect (which is actually air pressure) so I don’t often combine it with vibrations but the option is there if you want it.  My orgasms with the High Fashion are quick, hard and explosive – and I can have several of them!  That’s the beauty of suction style; you don’t get numb as the toy doesn’t make direct contact with your clit.

There are 11 settings for the air pressure (which Satisfyer call “Airpulse” stimulation) which you can scroll up and down through as you have a + and – button.  I find this helpful on this particular style of toy as sometimes I can get carried away and ‘up’ the pressure, then it feels a tad painful so it’s nice to be able to immediately return to the last setting without having to scroll through the lot.

Satisfyer High Fashion, photo taken from the back of the vibrator showing the shiny buttons!


I have a plethora of suction style toys, but the latest two offerings from Satisfyer are two of the very best (check out my review of the Prêt-à-porter here).  This is in terms of the quality of the toys, the design, power, relatively low noise levels, range of intensities and the added function of vibration (albeit I don’t often use this).  Air pressure toys have come a long way in the relatively short amount of time that they have been available, and the High Fasion is one of the best. If you’re new to air pressure toys – you really are missing out – then I’d recommend one of the latest Satisfyer offerings with very high confidence that you’ll love them!

Where to Buy

You can purchase the Satisfyer High Fashion from the Satisfyer website priced at £133.96.*

* Prices were correct at the time of publishing.

I was sent this item in exchange for my honest review.  No affiliate links have been used in this post.

Satisfyer High Fashion, photo taken of the head of the vibrator