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What’s important for you when shopping for adult products? For me, there are several things.

It’s important the website is clear, easy to navigate and search for products. If I can’t find what I want easily, I’ll get frustrated and will try somewhere else.

Layout is also very important as I buy with my eyes first! Products should be clearly photographed and look good quality, be body safe, and I should be able to find toy materials with ease.

Discreet packaging is an absolute must for many of us and I’m no different. If I receive a box with any indication of the contents it’s safe to say I won’t be buying from that seller again. Does the seller’s website assure me of package discretion, or do I take the chance and wait and see?!

Cost comes next. This may surprise some as sure, cost is important, but it’s not at the top of my list. I’d rather spend more on a product from a reputable company with discreet packaging. You can buy cheap sex toys on Amazon, but do you really know who you’re buying from? Will the packaging be discreet? Is it easy to complain if you aren’t satisfied with your purchase? And is the product under warranty?

Who are Secrexy?

Secrexy is a shopping site for adult toys. Its name is the combination of ‘sexy’ and ‘secret’. I wasn’t sure whether I liked it at first as it’s hard to pronounce, but it’s really easy to remember the web address! Their products are designed to suit all genders and couples.


Secrexy sell all kinds of sex products including toys, lingerie and lubricants, catering to a variety of preferences including couples seeking a deeper sexual experience and people (couples included!) who enjoy solo play.

As a website specialising in adult toys, Secrexy is confident they can provide you with the best products at a low price and the best service from their professional service team. They have a privacy policy which secures the privacy of each visitor to the site or customer and they provide a 90-day return policy so you can enjoy shopping without concern.

The website has been converted into English text which means it doesn’t always flow but you can get the gist of what you’re reading. I must admit I am a little dubious that all of the reviews I can see on the site give the toys top marks which just doesn’t seem realistic. It gives the impression that only the favourable reviews are posted! However, the products look interesting, information about materials is easy to find and the prices are reasonable. I like to keep an open mind when it comes to reviews anyway and trust my own instinct about whether or not to buy a toy.


Shipping is free on orders costing over £48.51 (wow that’s precise) and you can get 20% off using the code 20SECRE at checkout!

Here are a couple of Secrexy’s products which caught my attention.

Jade Rabbit Vibrator

SecrexyThe Jade looks mightily impressive. Comprised of body-safe silicone it offers 7 speeds of clitoral suction, has a thrusting shaft with another 7 functions, it warms to body temperature and the head can also rotate for g-spot play.

I like that there is a video showing this product off, it’s really helpful when choosing a product to buy.

I also like the fact they have combined suction with a vibrating shaft.  This isn’t the only toy of this type on the market, but this style is still relatively new.  In my experience, combining clit suction with an internal vibrator is bliss!  Currently on offer at £67.20*, get it here!

Sleek Male Massager

SecrexyThis rotating, vibrating, remote control heated prostate and perineum massager!  Blimey, what else can it do, make the tea?!

I’m fascinated by men’s sex toys as I’m relatively new to them. I have only a couple that my hubby uses but there seem to be more and more new designs coming on the market. This looks super impressive and the design is sexy as hell.

Currently on offer at £91.47*, order yours here!


* Prices were correct at the time of publishing.

No affiliate links have been used in this post. I have been paid for this review but this in no way affects my opinion on the website.