Ylva & Dite Dildos

I was contacted recently by a sex toy brand from the Netherlands asking to collaborate with me. The company is Ylva & Dite.

Their strapline is “Unleash your inner beast” and their products are handmade in Holland. In fact, all of the toys Ylva & Dite produce are designed, developed and manufactured by themselves which gives them total control over the quality. I really like this – the company has a personal feel and I like that they only sell their own products.

Ylva & Dite Dildos

They provide dildos for all genders and their impressive collection includes G-spot, prostrate, textured, smooth, colourful, suction cup, harness compatible, XXL and smaller dildos – all made from 100% silicone. They also offer lube and toy cleaner.

Their website is in Dutch and I couldn’t find a way of translating to English, however it’s pretty easy to navigate and there are lots of big clear pictures of their dildos so it’s quite straightforward to use. You can search by colour, size or design.

Follow Ylva & Dite on Instagram, Facebook or check out their website www.ylva-dite.com.

The Product

Ylva & Dite DildosThe toy I was sent for reviewing is the Kajsa Flash Gold. “Kasja is the embodiment of purity, both in shape and colour” – this is what Ylva & Dite claim about their toy. They’re clearly very proud of it, and so they should be. The curved contours make this excellent for g-spot or p-spot play and the light ribbing adds a little something for fans of texture. The dildo is fairly large, as you can see from one of the photos where I’ve compared it to my hand, but it’s also incredibly squishy and flexible so it’s easy to insert. Made from “premium silicone”, it feels and looks like a high quality sex toy. The bright yellow shade is really attractive and the silicone looks marbled, especially when you look closely at the flat base.

The Kajsa would be ideal for harness play as the base is totally flat with some suction.

Play time!

Ylva & Dite DildosI’ve really enjoyed playing with the Kasja. It’s the most amazing shape and I love the size, girth and texture! The texture feels quite subtle internally, except when you get down to the base where the little ridges widen out. If I hold the Kasja at the right angle, the nubs reach my clit and feel glorious rubbing against me whilst I pump the dildo. I really like gentle texture but I can’t handle anything too ridged so this is spot on for me.

The base is really easy to grip and pump with and, although it’s flat, it also has some decent suction especially when you stick it to a shower tile.

I have a preference for softish dildos and this has just the right amount of squish and flexibility.  Check out my photo of how flexible this dildo is – you can literally bend it in half!

One thing I notice when playing with the Kasja is that it holds temperature well so I’m tempted to pop it in the fridge for a few minutes before use for some temperature play! When it’s cold, it feels divine.


Ylva & Dite DildosI really love this dildo. It’s high quality, super soft, flexible, angled and attractive. It ticks all my boxes! I would recommend this to people who like the aforementioned traits in a dildo and those who like mid size toys as this is big enough to make you feel full without hurting. It would also be ideal for harness play and the suction style base is strong enough to affix to a shower tile, so fans of water play may also like this.

Where to Buy

Get your hands on a Kajsa Flash Gold dildo by ordering from the Ylva & Dite website for the bargain price of €34.95.*  It comes in different colours too!

* Prices were correct at the time of publishing.

I was sent this item in exchange for my honest and impartial review. No affiliate links have been used in this post.

Ylva & Dite Dildos