Hot Cherry

HotCherry ( is a growing adult toys retailer in the US who got in touch with me recently to ask if I would like to review some of their products. As a company I haven’t worked with before, I did some research to find out more about them!

They stock a vast array of sex toys for couples, singles and every gender.  I’ve spotted a few well known brands on their site as well as a few I haven’t used before.  Products include vibrators, dildos, male masturbators, anal toys, strap-ons, sex dolls and more.  They also have a blog on their site.  I’m not sure who writes their blogs as the site doesn’t say, but I feel it would be beneficial to have bloggers contribute articles to ensure they get lots of different points of view.

Hot Cherry

HotCherry value customer feedback and if they experience a growing number of complaints for a brand or a product line, they will discontinue selling it on their site.

They have a returns policy and if you aren’t satisfied with your order, for any reason, they advise their customer service team will get back to you within 24 hours.  Shipping is fast (depending on where you live!), discreet and free on all orders over $59.

I selected 3 of their products to review, and this is the first of them!

NS Novelties Glams Mini Princess Butt Plug

Hot CherryThis little plug looks cute, small and comes with a beautiful multicoloured gem to brighten up your bum!  Made from body-safe silicone, the butt plug is gently tapered.

It’s around 2.5 inches long so perfect for beginners or people favouring a smaller plug.  It has a slim neck which is great as your bum closes around the neck, keeping the plug inside nice and snug.  A snug plug!!  When wearing a plug, I often find that when I approach orgasm it feels like it is going to be pushed out of my body but this isn’t an issue with a slimmer neck as it stays in place.

The plug it is quite firm although the silicone coating is soft.  There is a slight amount of flex but not too much.  This doesn’t bother me though – as the neck is slim, I’d rather it was firm not flexible so I know it won’t break!  The tip is flat and round and the little multicoloured gem sparkles when it catches the light.

I always, always recommend using use a lube when indulging in any sort of anal play. The anus doesn’t self-lubricate so it’s vital, makes it more comfortable and helps with an easier retrieval! I plop a decent dollop onto the plug and rub it in.

Hot CherryA very tapered tip like this one ensures insertion is easy. It takes a few seconds to insert and I never rush this part as it’s a very sensitive region! But once in place, the plug feels snug and comfortable and I feel suitably full. Then I do whatever anyone who wears a jewelled plug does – I look in the mirror, and bend over. A jewelled bum is a sight to behold!

Once the plug is in place that’s where the fun starts. Whether I’m playing alone, playing with a partner or walking about, the plug feels comfortable yet all the nerve endings in my bum tingle and throb. It’s a nice feeling in itself, but when combining a plug with another toy i.e. a dildo or a vibrator, it feels wholly pleasurable. The Glams Mini Princess is quite small so it doesn’t get in the way and I can still insert a dildo (wearing a plug narrows the vagina so this can sometimes be a struggle). It can also be nice to wiggle the jewelled end a bit so you can feel it moving inside you. I would say to anyone who has never tried anal play – give it a whirl! If you don’t enjoy it, just don’t do it again, and you’ve lost nothing. This would be an ideal plug for beginners due to the size, tapering and safety around the slim neck.

Where to buy

Buy the Glams Mini Princess Plug from HotCherry priced at $12.99.

Hot Cherry are also available on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

* Prices were correct at the time of publishing.

No affiliate links are used in this post.  I received payment for this review but this in no way affects my opinions of the company, their website or their products.