Hot Cherry

I was recently contacted by HotCherry (, an adult toy retailer in the US who wanted me to review some of their products.  See my previous entitled HotCherry for more information about the company.  One of the products chosen for review was the Ouch! Inflatable Silicone Dong.  I was excited about trying this one!

Ouch! Inflatable Silicone Dong

Hot CherryUndeterred by the fact this product is called ‘Ouch’ (slightly off-putting), I was keen to try it out having never before used an inflatable dildo.  The packaging makes a bold statement when it says “By squeezing the inflatable ball, you will experience intense pleasure which will push you beyond your limits.”  OK, I’m ready to be pushed!

With over 6” of insertable length and a 1.8” girth when un-inflated, it’s already a reasonable size.  When inflated, the box suggests the girth can increase to 2.17” but it goes beyond that (see photos!). I was a little apprehensive the first time I used this, but I took my time!

As with all insertable toys I prefer to use lube.  Please ensure you use a water-based lubricant with this product.  I smeared some onto the shaft and rubbed it around before inserting it uninflated.  The shaft feels extremely firm with a softer layer of silicone surrounding it.  When you squeeze the pump it inflates air around the shaft and stretches the silicone.

Hot CherryOnce the dildo is inside, the round bit at the base sits just outside the vagina.  The pipe is plenty long enough to reach my hand so I can grab the pump.  I like to use something on my clit too when playing as that’s the only way I can reach orgasm, so I combined this with a silicone bullet vibe.

For my first attempt, I gently and cautiously pushed the pump to ‘test the water’ so to speak, and really took my time with inflation, pausing every so often to stimulate my clit.  I reached orgasm really quickly the first time I used this as my clit seems to be pushed to the surface more by the dildo becoming inflated.  I would pause, reach a clitoral orgasm, then pump the dildo up a little more.

When inside me, the shaft feels very firm.  I find it can slip out when I approach orgasm though as my muscles tense up and have a tendency to push anything internal out!  So I choose to hold onto the round base.

Hot CherryAs I increase the pump I can feel my muscles start to twitch and pulsate around the dildo.  I also feel a stretch particularly at the entrance of my vagina which isn’t altogether unpleasant!  The feeling of fullness really adds something to my play.  I don’t thrust at all, I just hold it in place.

If at any point you wish to decrease the pressure a little, or completely, push the button underneath the pump.

Afterwards, I feel stretched and sore which, again, is quite a nice sensation.

Since my first play with the Ouch Inflatable Dong, I’ve pushed myself a little further and inflated the dildo some more, pressing the pump a little faster.  But I would still recommend exercising caution as it can quite suddenly feel very large.  For me, the pleasure comes from the build up so I like to take my time.

Where to buy

Get the Ouch! Inflatable Dong from HotCherry, currently on offer and priced at $51.99.*

Hot Cherry are also available on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

* Prices were correct at the time of publishing.

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