Whisper by Ann Sudmmers

The brand new Whisper range by Ann Summers is for people who want quieter, more subtle sex toys.  It could be be particularly useful for people who live with other people – be they housemates, family, kids.  The range consists of two toys; a classic shaped vibrator and a rabbit.  Both toys are Ann Summers’ quietest toys to date with a volume of just 35db. Thanks to the team for sending me these items to review!

The theme for this range is clearly discretion, both in sound and the add-ons – each toy comes with what looks like a make-up bag which is lockable and comes with two keys.

What you Get

Whisper by Ann SummersBoth the Rabbit and Vibrator come with a gorgeous purple zip up bag which is packaged inside a clear plastic bag.  I hope sex toy companies start to reduce their use of plastic as I don’t feel the need to have so much.  I do appreciate that plastic is used to prevent the items becoming damaged or marked, but I wouldn’t mind this if it meant using less plastic.  Just my opinion but worth sharing I feel!

I love the purple bag that’s included with the products.  Storage bags and cases are always gratefully received as it saves me having to purchase them separately, plus if they are all a bit different then it makes finding my toys easier.  I have a huge collection of sex toys and it can be frustrating having to feel my way through several toy bags trying to find the one I want!  The case has a rose gold zip, padlock and keys.  Being lockable, this makes it not only fantastic for storage if you share your house with others, but it is also useful if you want to take your toys with you when travelling.  You can also charge your toy whilst it’s in the bag and just poke the charging cable out, so if you are out of your hotel room, you don’t have to worry about the cleaner seeing it on charge!  But even if you decide you don’t have any use for a storage or lockable travelling bag, you can use it to store make up or anything else you fancy.

Both toys are waterproof and come partially charged.  They have a USB charger for future use.  I usually give new toys a full charge before using them, depending on how desperately I want to try it out!  But I like the fact the toys are  partially charged so you can see it working straight away.

Whisper Rabbit

Whisper by Ann SummersThe Whisper Rabbit is the classic rabbit shape and has an awful lot of flexibility in the ears and the shaft, but particularly in the ears (see photo!)  The silicone is baby soft and body-safe and the rabbit is deep, rich purple shade.  The head is large and curves outwards as it reaches towards the top, but the very tip of the rabbit is a bit more pronounced.

There are 2 operating buttons at the base of the rabbit, one has an outline of the shaft on it, the other has an outline of the ears so it’s pretty obvious which one is which!  Both shaft and ears can be operated separately, or together, and both have 10 functions including 3 constant speeds and 7 patterns.  My own preference is for more constant speeds and fewer patterns as the patterns, in general, don’t work as well for me.  But 3 is adequate.

Whisper by Ann SummersYou can mix up the vibration if you want different functions in the ears and the shaft – so if you enjoy constant vibrations internally then you can switch the shaft to a constant speed, and select a pattern in the ears.  It’s nice to have lots of options as this way everyone can find something they enjoy.

The Rabbit is fairly quiet, but not exactly a whisper! I guess it depends on what you class as ‘whisper quiet’. But it is certainly quieter than some of my toys.

I love the shape of the bulbed shaft, slimming down towards the end. As I push it inside me it goes in with a satisfying pop. Once it’s fully inside it fits nicely against my g spot and fills me up a treat. Unfortunately, the rabbit ears are too high for my clit! That seems to be a common problem with rabbit vibrators, they don’t fit everyone. I have tried to use the rabbit’s nose too but I just can’t line it up properly so I either push the toy inside me and move the rabbit out of the way so I can get a bullet vibe to my clit, or I use the shaft for clitoral play instead. Both of these ways work pretty well and I have managed several orgasms this way! I love the vibrations, nice and deep and rumbly (the lower speeds) and it’s great that the shaft and rabbit can be operated separately – this means I can have the shaft rumbling away inside me, switch off the rabbit ears and use a bullet. Bingo!

Whisper Vibrator

Whisper by Ann SummersAgain the Whisper Vibrator comes with a storage bag and is made of gloriously soft silicone.  It also has 10 functions; 3 constant speeds and 7 patterns.

I really enjoy ‘classic’ shaped vibrators.  This one is a really nice size, big enough to use internally (just) and small enough to be able to use it during sex with a partner without getting in the way.  It has a single operating button.  The downside to this is that you can’t scroll up and down through the functions, but not a massive issue.  The shaft on this is very firm so quite different to the bendable rabbit, although the silicone still feels ultra-smooth on top.  The seam in the silicone is visible, albeit faint.  I really like the shape of the tip – the shaft is the same girth all the way up and then at the top, it flattens out creating a flat side that can be used against your clit to offer a different type of sensation.  If you prefer pinpoint pressure then the tip has been created into more of a point so you can target a specific part of your clitoris if you wish.  I like to mix things up a bit and enjoy all different types of pressure on my clit, or indeed around it, but I do like to target the side of my clit as I approach orgasm and I need a tapered vibrator to do this.

Whisper by Ann SummersSo internally, this felt nice.  The lowest vibrations are still quite powerful and the lube is a big draggy which I actually rather enjoy.  The ‘draginess’ is reduced by using water-based lube which I often use when playing.  Size-wise it isn’t particularly long but it’s long enough to get some pleasure out of using it inside me.

Where it comes into its own though is as a clit vibrator.  I can orgasm on the lowest setting!  Now I’m no power queen, but I do need a certain amount of oomph from my toys and this definitely has that.  All 3 of the constant speeds err on the side of rumbly, with the first and second being the best in my opinion!

I’ve used this alone and with my partner.  With a partner it’s great; it isn’t so big that it draws attention away from him and feels great alongside my clit whilst he’s inside me.

As with the rabbit, wouldn’t say it’s the quietest toy I’ve ever used and it’s certainly louder than a whisper!  But it is pretty quiet.

Where to Buy

You can purchase the Whisper Rabbit and the Whisper Vibrator from the Ann Summers website priced at £65* and £50* respectively.

* Prices were correct at the time of publishing.

I was sent these items in exchange for my honest review. Affiliate links are included in this post. If you click on a link and make a purchase, I make a small commission which contributes to the purchase of more products to review, but it doesn’t cost you any extra.  Thank you for your support!