Male Sex Toys

We are living in an exciting age of innovation in the world of male sex toys.  Up until quite recently, men and people with penises have had the short end of the stick when it came to quality sex toys built purposely to satisfy our needs!

But more importantly, there seems to an element of shame connected to making use of this revolutionary new generation of male sex toys – so where does this seemingly baseless sense of guilt actually come from?

I’m here to discuss how I think some men may have come to feel so guilt-ridden about using sex toys. I also want to touch on how you can hopefully shed some of that unproductive guilt and start freely embracing your sexuality.

Male sex toysSexual freedom is something that both genders should feel comfortable to be able to embrace fully (although there have been so many issues around this over the years, particularly for women). So why is the use of male sex toys frowned upon, or seen as something strange or shameful by some? Thankfully, we are becoming a more accepting society, little by little, but we still have a long way to go in breaking down these tired misconceptions about male sex toys.

Historically, men have often been generalised as having insatiable sexual appetites or being more prone to those more predatory / immoral sexual deviancies. Whilst there may be some truth rooted in this old stereotype, where does that leave men who don’t have any bad intentions and just want to embrace their sexuality in a healthy, harmless way through using a sex toy?

I wonder – what’s the fundamental difference between a woman owning a vibrator and a man keeping a Fleshlight in his bedside table?  The easy answer is that there is none, at least there shouldn’t be.

To be fair, it’s no secret that women have had a much longer and far more challenging journey towards gaining equality. We’ve still got a long way to go towards equality of opportunity, but we shouldn’t ever discount the incredible steps we’ve taken in the right direction.

But gender equality means equality of all genders. We can’t trade in our progress for more oppression, lest we repeat the same mistakes all over again.

It’s sad that anyone should feel uncomfortable to admit to masturbation and using sex toys. We should be able to have an open dialogue regarding sex without fear of being seen as creepy or feeling ashamed.

I have no doubt that humanity will do away with this stereotype in time, it’s just a matter of spreading awareness about equality of sexual freedom – for all genders and all body types. You may think it’s a comparably small issue compared to what the modern world is facing today, but the longer we put off talking about it, the longer people will feel oppressed for their sexual desires.

Male sex toysSo what can we do? We can spread the word so that we can slowly work towards a better, more honest and open culture of masturbation, sex toys and sexual freedom in general.

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