Ann Summers Moregasm+ Boost Rabbit

Ann Summers have added three new toys to their fabulous Moregasm+ range: a Petite G-spot Vibrator and two sizes of their classic Rampant Rabbit (Petite and ‘Boost’). Thanks to AS for sending them to me in exchange for an honest and impartial review!

All three are waterproof, rechargeable and made of body-safe silicone, and have at least six functions.  The silicone is ’soft contour silicone’ which is something quite special; it’ really squishy! I can pinch it between my fingers and it moves away from the shaft.  It feels beautifully soft in my hands, I can’t wait to see how it feels elsewhere.

Moregasm+ Petite G-Spot Vibrator

Ann Summers Moregasm+ Petite DildoThis is a gorgeous mint green colour and a petite size, but I find it perfectly big enough to reach my g-spot.  The flexible shaft is gorgeously soft and squidgy.  I would liken the head to a gently shaped Cobra(!!!) as it widens so you can really feel the bulge if you insert with the curve facing forwards towards your g-spot.  If that’s too much of a stretch for you, rotate it 90 degrees so the curve is facing your left or right hip, insert it then twist it back 90 degrees once it’s inside you.

There are 3 constant speeds and 3 patterns.  As with most toys, my preference is for the constant speeds so I just tend to play with them.  The first constant is a gentle purring rumble but the second is my preference.  It errs on the side of buzzy but is more powerful.  Push it up to the third however and it’s too buzzy for my liking.

It feels amazing both inside and outside.  On my clit, the softness of the silicone means I can really push it against my button without any discomfort.  Whacking it up to the second constant is a pretty fast way for me to reach the big ‘O’ – and I can go again and again!  I think this is due to how soft the silicone is, I don’t feel sore afterwards and I can push myself to orgasm over and over.

Moregasm+ Petite Rampant Rabbit

Ann Summers Moregasm+ Petite RabbitThis cutesy pink/purple rabbit is the classic shape but with a curved head.  The shaft is similar to the Petite G-Spot Vibrator but of course this has the added bonus of a rabbit to tickle your clit!  The shaft has the same bend and squish as the others in this range, but the rabbit is quite firm.

And this is unfortunate… my clit can handle firm, but only when I can position it right so that it doesn’t dig in.  Once the shaft is inside me, the rabbit is pretty inflexible and therefore digs into my clit.  I can manoeuvre it around the side so it isn’t pressing directly on top of my rather sensitive bud, but it still feels a bit uncomfortable.  The ears dig into me too and the rabbit’s nose is a bit too hard!  So, unfortunately, I can’t really use this as a rabbit.  I’ve taken to using the shaft inside me and pushing the rabbit right out of the way, using a different vibrator against my clit.  But what’s the point in having a rabbit if you can’t use it?

I do like to get to orgasm with a toy, even if it doesn’t work in the way it was designed to.  So using the gorgeously soft shaft on my clit is really nice.  If I could remove the rabbit altogether and just use this as either an ‘inny’ or an ‘outy’ then it would be a lot better for me.

Moregasm+ Boost Rampant Rabbit

Ann Summers Moregasm+ Boost RabbitThis big baby is simillar to the Petite Rabbit but is far bigger and has a secret surprise… it has a Boost function which you press just as you orgasm and it ramps up the power!  This is a really nice function and I like this feature.  Sadly, I have the same problem with this rabbit as I do with the Petite one in that the rabbit ears dig into me and I can’t flex them out of the way.  This makes for an awkward play and I just end up feeling frustrated.  But removing the rabbit and using the shaft on my clit is once again delightful, particularly when I press the boost button right at the important time!

I love the boost function, I’m just left disappointed with the somewhat painful rabbit.

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The Moregasm+ Petite G-Spot Vibrator priced at £45*, the Moregasm+ Petite Rabbit priced at £55*, or the Moregasm+ Boost Rabbit priced at £85.*

* Prices were correct at the time of publishing.

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