Hot Octopuss Amo

Anyone who is into sex toys probably owns a bullet… they’re a pretty staple item in any sex toy drawer.  So what made me want to review this one?  Well look at it!  It looks beautiful, and the shape made me think I could explore a bit of pinpoint and broad play, both of which I like (depending on my mood).  Thanks to the team at Hot Octopuss for sending the Amo to me in exchange for my review.

Hot Octopuss AmoJust a quick mention about the packaging; it’s awesome!  Hot Octopuss have the most iconic brand with their sexy logo and Union Jack imaging.  The Amo itself is made of ABS and silicone.  It’s tiny, standing just shy of 10cm in height. So small I could bring it to bed with hubby and know that it won’t get in the way.  The shape reminds me of a golf club!  It has 5 different functions each with 6 different speeds.  You firstly need to press and hold the button on the left (underneath the charging point) to turn the Amo on, then press it again and you have 5 functions to choose from with 1 being a constant speed and 4 patterns.  Then once you’ve found a function you like, increase or decrease the speed using the + and – buttons on the opposite side of the toy.

Amo packs a punch!

The Amo has a big, powerful as hell motor in it’s bulging head that gives out some super powerful and rumbly vibrations!  Scrolling through them I could hardly keep hold of it at one point.  Think We-Vibe Tango and you’ll know the sort of power I’m talking about.

Curves and Contours

Hot Octopuss AmoI mentioned earlier that the Amo looks a bit like a golf club; it really is an odd shape.  But there’s a very good reason for that!  The curves mean you can switch your play between some super pinpoint, direct stimulation and a smoother, broader way of giving you pleasure.

It’s also 100% waterproof which gives you even more bonuses – you can take it in the bath or shower, plus it makes it really easy to clean as you can run it under the tap after washing with sex-toy cleaner.

During play

I find the buttons on the Amo quite hard to find and difficult to press.  That is my only criticism though!  I like the fact there are 3 buttons and I can scroll up and down through the levels for each function.

Hot Octopuss AmoThe vibrations are so blooming powerful, I can barely hold onto it at times!  They’re also super rumbly.  There are so many settings which is brilliant as I don’t always fancy the same thing.  I can occasionally handle powerful vibrations, but at other times I need something a bit more subtle.  I love the slow, powerful vibrations, they literally shake me to a super powerful orgasm.  I enjoy using both sides of the head; the tip when I can handle the sharp pinpoint vibrations and the other side for a broader experience.  All of these options in such a small, discreet looking toy is amazing!

Noise wise it’s pretty quiet considering the power in this thing!  And if you use it underneath a duvet it’s quieter still, so ideal for people who need a quiet toy.


  • Made from silicone and ABS
  • Shaped to allow both pinpoint and broad stimulation
  • 5 functions + 6 speeds for each function giving you 30 different options!
  • 100% waterproof
  • Rechargeable
  • Small & discreet

Where to Buy

Why not get your hands on the Hot Octopuss Amo for £49!*

* Prices were correct at the time of publishing.

I was sent this item in exchange for my honest, impartial review. No affiliate links have been used within this post.