Elite Companion Travel

One of the most complex parts of running site like Slixa.com is determining where resources and energy are best spent. Whilst it seems like it we’d naturally be able to open up any city in the world for our users to share their profile, the truth is that without an investment in making sure individual cities rank high on search, it doesn’t do much good to have a profile no one sees!

As a matter of routine, we keep an eye on cities that are requested specifically by Slixa advertisers and watch travel trends to determine where to focus our energies on next.  The cities that are growing the fastest might surprise you!  In 2019, we opened up Australian cities for the first time, and renewed our focus on Canadian locales. As the year draws to a close, it’s easy to see which regions and cities have experienced the biggest growth over the year, and the fact that it’s due almost entirely to elite companions planning travel or relocation to these cities.

Elite companion travelSydney, NSW, Australia​ – ​Slixa Sydney​ was one of two experimental Aussie cities we opened up this year, and the response has been entirely positive. It’s been such a rewarding and fascinating process to learn about this diverse community of providers already hard at work in Sydney’s CBS and the surrounding suburbs.

Elite companion travelMelbourne, Victoria, Australia ​– ​Slixa Melbourne​ is the sister project to Sydney, and is home to some of the top companions Australia has to offer. One thing Slixa was totally blown away by was how professional these advertisers’ presentations were; from stunning, model-calibre photos to complex and engaging websites and huge social media followings. It’s an honour to get to highlight these providers on Slixa’s clean and focused interface, and we’re so excited to grow our presence in Melbourne in 2020.

Elite companion travelLas Vegas, Nevada, USA​ – while it’s no surprise that exclusive providers do well in a place like Sin City, Slixa Las Vegas experienced a growth of over 150% in the last 12 months, and that’s due entirely to companion travel plans and the relocation of some higher profile escorts to one of the top cities in America. Investing in Las Vegas is never a gamble for Slixa.

Elite companion travelOttawa, Ontario, Canada​ – this one knocked us right out of our wooly Canadian socks and UGG boots (and we nearly spilled our Tim’s!)  While folks tend not to think of Canada’s capital city as a tourist destination, Slixa advertisers must be working overtime convincing them otherwise! ​Slixa Ottawa​ has seen a 120% climb in popularity over the last year, and is still on its way to becoming a top city for traveling providers in Canada and beyond.

It’s completely fascinating to see the impact on each city’s popularity that traveling advertisers can have. We’re so excited to invest more heavily in these cities so that we can share these gorgeous Slixa profiles with as many visitors as possible. If there’s a city you’d like to see Slixa in soon, you can request it at our site!

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