Realistic sex dolls

Realistic sex dolls are big business these days.  And I’m not talking about the inflatable variety!  Sex dolls of the modern day are realistic, stunningly beautiful and flexible.  They can also be personalised right down to the finest detail!  At Ovdoll, you can select a doll from literally hundreds of options and then choose their skin colour, height, hair, breast size – even eye colour and amount of pubic hair!

Realistic sex dollsThe dolls at Ovdoll are all made from 100% silicone TPE (Thermoplastic elastomer, a silicone derivative) and are scentless.  They have a metal skeleton to enable you to change their pose and positions to suit your needs.  So you can have your doll positioned on the couch, sat at the dining table or in your bed which makes sex dolls so much more versatile than their inflatable cousins.  Sex dolls can provide so much more than just sex!

Realistic sex dollsOvdoll sell sex dolls with male or female genitalia.  You can penetrate whichever holes they happen to have – anus, mouth, vagina, and the different holes have different depths (like in reality!)  They only have a handful of male sex dolls on their site, but literally hundreds of females, which gives a hefty clue as to where the primary market is.

Realistic sex dollsBut realistic sex dolls aren’t just for the singles market; a sex doll could really spice things up for people in a relationship wanting to experience a threesome.  Although many couples are experimental and sexually adventurous these days, not everyone is comfortable arranging a threesome for fear of embarrassment, jealousy or causing potential damage to the relationship.  Therefore a sex doll could be worth the investment!  They could also be useful in a relationship where members have opposing libidos, or where one partner is unable to enjoy sex.

Realistic sex dollsOvdoll sell clothes for your sex doll.  They also stock smaller, cheaper versions of their dolls – you can buy a sex doll torso without limbs or just the lower part of the body.  These start at £266* and there are plenty of options to suit your needs and budget.

For the male sex dolls at Ovdoll, prices range from £529 to £1,589*.  The female dolls range from £514 to £1,210*.  They offer international delivery to over 180 countries worldwide.

* Article written by Petra Pan, sponsored by Ovdoll. Prices were correct at the time of publishing. No affiliate links have been used in this post.