Dating apps are more popular now than ever.  Some are good for hook ups and others used more for romantic connections.  So where do you go if you literally just want sex?

The ‘Fuckbook’ website – and it’s ‘Meet and Fuck’ app – facilitates hook-ups for horny people.  Profiles show who is up for a hook-up and they also show ‘activity’ so you can see people who have logged in recently.  Therefore you don’t have to worry about hitting on someone who isn’t active any more.

How does it work?

FuckbookEach user has a rating.  If you get a lot of requests and you don’t respond, your rating is lowered which decreases your visibility to other users.  This way it prevents time wasters and reduces any frustrations for those who are genuinely seeking a hook up.

You’re also encouraged to reply to anyone who contacts you to advise them if you aren’t interested.  This is basic courtesy of course, but Fuckbook try to encourage this more by ensuring you remain active and the system knows you are being responsive, which keeps your profile visibility high. So you’re not punished for not being interested in someone, but you are if you ignore them.  Fair enough!

What’s more, the site also has user reviews so you can see what others are saying about it.

My opinion

I think this website sounds like a great idea.  If you want to meet someone you would like a potential relationship with, then that’s great – there are plenty of websites and apps to get you dating.  But sometimes people just want a hook-up and they use apps like Tinder.  Unless they’re being brutally honest and saying on their bio that they just want sex, they’re going to potentially waste people’s time in thinking they may be up for a relationship.  And if you do just want sex, you don’t want to waste time getting to know someone more deeply if you’re only interested in the physical element.

I must admit, I’m a bit confused by the opening text on the home page as it makes references to ‘whilst hubby is away’ and then it says it’s for singles.  Then it starts to talk to the reader as if the reader is a male.  Trying to keep things gender neutral would appeal to me more, but that’s just me.

So what’s the cost?

FuckbookThis is the interesting bit… there is none! Fuckbook is free due to advertising and is now one of the largest free hook-up sites online!  Yes adverts can be annoying, but if that means it costs nothing then, then isn’t it worth putting up with?  They also promise not to sell your data.  They just place a few adverts onto the site that ensures the experience remains free to the user.

* Article written by Petra Pan, sponsored by Fuckbook. No affiliate links have been used in this post.