Sex Dolls from Tantaly

Who are Tantaly?

You may not be familiar with the name ‘Tantaly’ but you will likely be familiar with its parent company, Paloqueth who are now one of the top 5 sex toy sellers on Amazon! I have reviewed for Paloqueth many times and their products never fail to impress me.

Tantaly was founded with a clear objective to provide high-quality products at affordable prices, whilst bringing a realistic sex experience to more customers.  They stock masturbators and sex doll torsos, both male and female, which is really big business currently.

For sex bloggers and publishers, Tantaly have an affiliate scheme with a standard commission rate of 15%!

For customers, Tantaly only select top-tier manufacturers who have 10+ years experience.  They provide discreet delivery and host numerous reviews on their site. What’s more, you can save 5% on your first order!

Their Products

Sex Dolls from Tantaly


This is Dita; a D cup sex doll with two holes for your pleasure.  Her realistic vagina has a structure to add to the sensations as it contains bumpy and ridged areas which interchange throughout.  For even more pleasure, why not insert a vibrator into her anus and enjoy the additional sensations?  Her body is ‘elastic recovery’ which means it won’t overstretch.  And her fantastic, realistic boobs have a 55 cm circumference!  Give them a squeeze and they apparently feel like silicone.  She costs just $95 (approx £72.82).

Ms Foxx

Sex Dolls from TantalyThis is Ms Foxx.  She is a doggie-style half body sex doll.  She is made from skin-like TPR material (but is body safe).

She has lifelike vaginal and anal tunnels – here comes the science bit…

Her vagina is constructed with high-quality TPR and the exterior can stretch without losing shape, whilst the interior tunnel is textured with ridges and bumps to stimulate your shaft!  The anal tunnel features similar additions for your pleasure.  She also has “upward-facing drainage holes” (now doesn’t that sound sexy!!) so she is easy to clean.

She costs just $69 (approx £52.88)

Sex Dolls from Tantaly


This is Rico, a male torso sex doll.  He has crafted body lines making him look lean and fit!  He has a sizeable, realistic penis and smooth balls.  The material he’s made of contains elastic which feels similar to human skin!

Sex Dolls from TantalyHis penis is 6.3 inches in length and has a textured/realistic surface.  He is elastic and soft at the same time.  He also has an anus but this is just for decoration (now there’s a sentence I never thought I’d say!)

He costs $259 (approx £198.53).

Purchasing & Shipping

The Tantaly website is full of exciting products!  Shipping is free within the US and postage is to the US only.  Payment can be made by PayPal or card.  Customers have the right to cancel their order or return an item without needing to give a reason.  Tantaly offer a lowest price match guarantee so if you see the same item elsewhere for a lower price, they will aim to match it.

* Article written by Petra Pan and sponsored by Tantaly. No affiliate links have been used in this post.