BestVibe Triple Motor Rabbit Vibrator

I suppose you could say I’m greedy… but when I spotted this little beauty and read about its triple motors, large shaft and 3 clitoral stimulators, I thought, yep!  That’s the one for me!  Thanks to BestVibe for sending me this product to review.

Clit Fun

BestVibe Triple Motor Rabbit VibratorWhat really intrigued me about the triple motor rabbit vibrator is that it has three clitoral stimulators.  There is one that sits directly on top of your clit, and two more, which look a bit like fingers, that go either side.  These ‘finger like’ stimulators vibrate against the labia but with the added vibrations, they send pleasure literally all around the head of your clitoris.

From the side, the vibrator looks almost like a hand; the shaft is so curved it looks like someone’s index finger curling around.   The clit stimulators are curved upwards facing the shaft so it looks like a hand made into a claw shape.

This intriguing purple rabbit is made of super soft silicone which feels a tiny bit squishy.


BestVibe Triple Motor Rabbit VibratorThere are two buttons on the base of the toy.  One is the On/Off and vibration mode button which you need to press and hold to power on or off.  To scroll through the patterns of vibration, simply short press this button when the rabbit is switched on.  The other button turns the clit ‘fingers’ on or off and you also have 10 patterns of vibration in the fingers.

You can leave the shaft on and have the clit fingers off, but you can’t have the clit stimulators on and the shaft off.  Sometimes during play I like to turn off the clit stimulators, pull the shaft out of my pussy and use the head directly on my clit.  I like the fact I can switch off the clit vibrations when I’m doing this.

G-Spot Stimulator

BestVibe Triple Motor Rabbit VibratorThe curved shaft is relatively slim and the end is large and bulbed, perfect for g-spot massage!  The motor in the shaft is quite powerful; I’m no ‘power queen‘ so I only tend to have it vibrating at one of the lower frequencies, but I do like a reasonable amount of power, and this doesn’t fail me.  If, however, you need the sort of power required to operate a pneumatic drill to get your sweet spot swelling, then this might not quite have enough.  I would class it as ‘moderately powerful’.

When combined with the clit stimulators, the internal shaft feels delicious.  I love the fact there are so many tips to this vibrator, everywhere is buzzing!  I find the middle ‘finger’ a bit small and it’s not easy to get it to reach my clit so I position one of the highly bendable fingers on it instead.  The outer fingers feel so soft and squishy, they’re a delight for my clit.

The vibrations in the fingers mirror the ones in the shaft so they’re also moderately powerful.

The triple motor rabbit isn’t the quietest vibrator I’ve ever owned but considering it has three motors, I’m pretty impressed with how quiet it is.  Use it under a duvet to muffle the sounds even more!

I like to use vibrators in different ways so I also like using the shaft on my clit, or even pushing the shaft down against my bum and enjoying feeling the sensations there.  It basically feels like a big hand with fingers everywhere!

Overall, I’m impressed with this vibrator.  Like any rabbit, it’s not easy to get it into the perfect position and every vulva is different! But it does have some flexibility


  • 10 patterns of vibration
  • 3 powerful motors
  • Multi-features including 3 stimulators for the clitoris and bulbed shaft for internal pleasure
  • Curved shaft
  • Soft silicone
  • USB rechargeable – a full charge takes 2 hours and gives 1.5 hours play time
  • Waterproof

Where to Buy

Buy it here priced at $42.99 (approximately £34.37 or 39.53 euros)*.

* Prices were correct at the time of publishing.

I was sent this item to review; no affiliate links have been used in this post.