BestVibe Pink Clitoral Stimulator

The lovely folks at BestVibe have sent me this gorgeous slimline pink clitoral stimulator in exchange for my review, thanks team!  I fancied this item in particular due to its resemblance to one of my ultimate favourite toys; the Zumio, but also because of the rubbery tip that looked most intriguing.


Bestvibe Pink Clitoral VibratorThere’s no denying it looks a bit like an electric toothbrush… or a pregnancy test kit perhaps, but it is pretty stylish nonetheless.  It’s also extremely light and I love the light pink and white colour combination.  There is one simple button which scrolls through 3 constant speeds and 3 patterns.  The pink clitoral stimulator is USB charged with the charging port being located at the rear of the toy.

It’s also pretty clear to see the resemblance with another toy, the Zumio.  Without the little cup on the tip, it looks very similar to Zumio and it can also be operated in the same way if you like pinpoint pleasure.  But if you prefer something more gentle and broad then simply slip the cup onto the tip and away you go!


It comes in its own clear-lidded box, so not great for leaving it lying around, unless you enjoy displaying your sex toys which is of course fine!  But if you have anyone in the house who you want to hide your toys from then you’ll have to either put this into a closed sex toy bag, or you can house it in the case but you’ll want to store it away somewhere.

In use

Bestvibe pink clitoral stimulatorFirst of all I wanted to try it minus the cup, so I could compare it to Zumio.  Using just the naked tip feels immense, building me to orgasm in super fast time.  As the tip is so super pinpoint this can be too much at times so I have to keep pulling it away from me!  I like to hold it lengthways to the side of my clit and build up that way.

As I approach orgasm I get really sensitive so that is the time to put the cap on!  This feels lovely and a bit more gentle.  I enjoy using this in different ways; the most obvious is to put the cup around the outside of my clit.  This is lovely as it stimulates the area around my clit without giving me that direct feeling, however this will only bring me near to orgasm as I need my clit to be touched in its entirety in order to get there.  So after  a while, I take the cap off my clit, turn it over and use the back!  This feels really good as it’s soft and squishy so I can push it in a bit more without it hurting.

Throughout my play time I only used it on the lowest constant speed.


Bestvibe pink clitoral stimulatorI really enjoyed this toy and particularly the versatility of it with the add-on cap.  I don’t tend to enjoy patterns very much so having 3 constant speeds and 3 patterns is plenty for me, but others might like a bit more variety.


  • 6 modes of vibration
  • Single-press button
  • Waterproof
  • Skin-friendly silicone

Where to buy

You can buy the pink clitoral stimulator from the Bestvibe website priced at $26.99*, which is equivalent to £21.49* / €23.65*.

* Prices were correct at the time of publishing.

I was sent this item in exchange for my honest review. No affiliate links have been used within this post.