BestVibe Juicy clitoral vibrator

I have a question for you to ponder: If you could only use one type of sex toy for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I would have to choose a clitoral vibrator, but I would be clever about it and choose a long vibrator with a soft head so I could enjoy using it internally as well!  My preference of the two, however, would be an ‘outy’ over an ‘inny’ as I prefer clit stimulation to vaginal penetration, and I can only orgasm through contact with my clit.

BestVibe Juicy clitoral vibratorI enjoy lots of different things when it comes to clit play so I have a vast array of toys to do whatever it is I fancy at the time whether that’s suction, direct pinpoint precision, or a big, broad headed thigh-shaking powerful vibrator.  Nowadays when I’m looking for a toy, I try to look for something a bit different to what’s already in my collection.  And when I spotted the Juicy clit vibrator I was intrigued by a slightly unusual part of the design.


At first glance it looks like any other chunky clit vibe that sits perfectly in your palm, but the Juicy has an unusually shaped head (see photos) where the tip comes together in a point with an indent in the centre. It looks a bit like a tongue!  The very tip can be used for more pinpoint play, but you could also hold it so that your clit fits within the indent essentially making the vibrator ‘hug’ your clit.  That was my intention anyway…

So a bit about the Juicy.  It’s made of ‘food grade silicone’, it’s splash proof (not fully waterproof), rechargeable and soft to the touch.  It’s curved to fit neatly in your palm and is bright hot pink in colour.  The vibrator itself has 5 modes of vibration (4 patterns and 1 constant speed), but each of these can be speed adjusted and you have 3 speeds to choose from.  What’s unusual about the Juicy is that you have to slide your finger over a pattern that is embedded on the main body of the toy in order to change up or down a gear, so to speak.  This is great when you are playing as you don’t have to fiddle around  with buttons.

Play Time

BestVibe Juicy clitoral vibratorAfter applying a dollop of my my favourite orgasm gel, I switch on the Juicy and hold the tip over my clit.  The end is quite pointed so is great for some seriously pinpoint precision and in no time at all, I can feel an orgasm building.  What I then like to do is move the tip up and down my labia before turning up the power by sliding my finger across the pattern on the front.  TIP: You need to slide your finger right the way across, not just do a half swipe otherwise it won’t work.

I also enjoy holding the tip flat on my clit so the ridges sit on either side, cupping my clit inside them.  Cranking up the power once more to full power, I hold it still and let the Juicy do its thing!  It feels fantastic I must say.

I love the fact I can use different parts of the Juicy depending on the sort of sensations I want to feel and that I can just slide my finger across to turn up the power!  The vibes range in power but I would say they are definitely on the buzzier side.  With three speeds for each function you have plenty of options if you enjoy using patterns.

Where to Buy

You can buy the Juicy at the BestVibe website for $22.95 (Approx £17.94 or €19.37).*

* Prices were correct at the time of publishing.

I was sent this item in exchange for my honest review. No affiliate links have been used.