Safender Mini Sex Doll

Sex dolls aren’t a new concept but they do seem to be gaining in popularity as more and more businesses are being created specialising in this particular product.  Safender is the latest to come to my attention, having been founded in 2018 so they’re a relative newcomer to the sex doll market.  They specialise in petite and mini sex dolls.

Safender Mini Sex DollI think these cute dolls would be ideal for someone wanting a more discreet doll or one that will take less room to store.  Sizes available are ‘mini’ (up to approx 60cm), 65cm or 100cm.

They have a built-in vagina which can be used as a masturbator.  They all come with a comb so you can care for their hair, and their own unique outfit.  There are loads to choose from depending on your taste!  Prices range from $245 To $571 so This is great for people who want to spend a bit less than your average full-sized sex doll.

Navigating the Website

I find the website really easy to navigate, you can view all the items on one page in order of price, popularity, rating etc, or you can view the dolls by size.  It’s easy to add an item to your cart and I love the fact that postage is free, it takes away the horrible shock of seeing a load more money added to your bill!


Safender Mini Sex DollThey’re more cutesy than realistic with many having bubblegum pink, shiny silver or pure white hair.  The outfits are all unique to the doll so it’s worth having a really good look around the site before making your choice.

Shipping & Timings

After you’ve paid for your doll, it will be put into production and posted out to you within 3 to 7 days.  You will be sent a tracking number so you can keep a track on your doll.  Safender use realisable shippers such as DHL, UPS and FeDex and packing is discreet.  They shop anywhere in the world free of charge and tariffs to any country will be borne by Safender!  Delivery usually takes 7 – 14 days in total.


If you need to return or exchange an item due to a defect, or if you’ve been sent the wrong item, then you can get in touch with Safender and they will send you a replacement, or a refund.  This includes items damaged in transport.  You should get in touch with them within 3 days of the delivery date so it’s a good idea to inspect the item as soon as it arrives.

Items can’t be replaced if you change your mind, or if you are responsible for the damage (fair enough!).  You also shouldn’t remove the product label if you find that it’s damaged or incorrect.


If you’re looking for a petite sex doll that is cheaper than a full-sized model, something a little more discreet, or you’ve never tried a sex doll before but you want to see what it’s about, then you might want to start with Safender.  The dolls look super cute!

*This is a sponsored article; I received payment to write this article on behalf of Safender.