Lelo Enigma laying sideways, with the suction part visible

There’s a new luxury sex toy on the market, and would you look at it?!  This is the Enigma by LELO.  It’s marketed as a ‘dual action sonic massager’ – so basically, it’s both a inny and an outy.  I love a bit of dual action so this is right up my street!  Thanks to the team at award-winning LELO for providing me with the Enigma for my review.

Lelo Enigma in its boxStarting with the looks, it really is a thing of beauty!  The curve, the gorgeous silky silicone, the purple glossy shading on the front giving it a luxurious edge… sex toys have really come along way since the basic vibrator.  I also love that it’s in black as I think black sex toys look really sexy.

The Enigma has sonic waves to stimulate your clit from the outside and a curved arm to get you from the inside.  This means your g-spot won’t be missing out on the action!


The packaging is top class as you would expect for a high-end sex toy.  A sturdy large box showcases the Enigma through a transparent screen.  Sitting behind the toy is the manufacturer’s warranty, USB recharging cable, black storage pouch and a sachet of lube.  The instructions don’t come with the toy, but a small support manual is included with a link to the website where you can download the full instruction manual (here).  The instructions are very thorough with clear diagrams so you really can’t go wrong.  They’ve thought of everything!

Charging and Unlocking

Lelo Enigma with storage bag and lubeCharging is simple enough through the USB cable. The cable doesn’t have a plug attached to it so you’ll need to have one at home that you can use.  It’s recommended that you charge the Enigma for 2 hours before first use.

You will then need to unlock the Enigma by pressing and holding the plus and minus buttons on the handle for 3 seconds, simultaneously.  You’ll see the lights will come on straight away, then they’ll turn off again and then come back on.  This means it’s ready for use.  I like the fact it has a travel lock as it means it won’t accidentally go off in your handbag or suitcase!

Getting Started

Lelo Enigma laying upright with the front on displayI’d recommend using some lube (this comes with a little packet) on the curved arm, as it makes it more comfortable to insert. I also enjoy the feeling of the clit stimulator when I have a bit of lube around it.

Press the middle button to switch the toy on.  Scroll through the patterns by pressing the middle button again.  Then if you want to increase or reduce the intensity, use the + or – buttons.

Press and hold the middle button to switch it back off.

In Use

I found it difficult to get into the right place the first time I used it as my clit sits quite low down, so the clit stimulator end didn’t reach!  I struggled for a while until I managed to find a position that worked.  I had to push the curved arm quite deep inside me and the press it downwards in order that the suction end fit over my clit properly.  It felt a bit awkward at first but the more times I’ve used this, I’ve got used to this being my default position and now I can get it into the right position really quickly.

The clit stimulator is incredibly powerful, even on the gentlest setting!  I was quite shocked the first time I used it and had to move it away once or twice, but once I’d relaxed into it and forced myself to leave it in place it felt amazing.  Be warned, this will literally rip the orgasm out of you to the point where you feel almost violated afterwards!!  And that’s on one of the lower settings, I’m not brave enough to try the stronger ones!  So if you’re a power queen the you’re in luck!

Where to Buy

The Enigma is available from the LELO site, lelo.com/enigma, costing £169* GBP.

*Prices correct at time of publishing.

I was sent this item by Lelo in exchange for my review. No affiliate links have been used in this post.