Orgasm in Public article - photo shows a lady’s legs as she sits down in a public place

Orgasming with the power of the mind – now that’s something we could all use. It seems like a far-fetched fantasy. The way we conventionally understand things, we can’t orgasm on demand.

Turns out, there are ways to achieve just that. You can have a wonderful, satisfying orgasm in public without directly touching yourself. There are ways to go about achieving this. Some rely on training your mind and body, while another option builds up using technology.

>Stimulating The Body – The Tech Way

The simplest path to having a good time in public is to let modern tech do the job for you. Sex toys that are designed to elicit pleasure in public without attracting unwanted attention are great for this role.

Remote controlled wearable sex toys are the key to this magical kingdom. Modern wearable sex toys are discreet enough to be used in public. You could walk around and do your usual chores while the toy happily buzzes away and delivers orgasmic sensations to you.

These vibrators are often remote controlled. But this control can vary too. You could have a conventional remote control with a few buttons. Or, you could go smart with a phone app controlled vibrator like Lovense Lush 2. Something like the Lovense Lush 2 fits the bill. Being powerful and discreet is the USP of such vibrators.

Powerful enough to bring on a toe-curling orgasm. And discreet enough to not be visible over the clothes, or being noisy enough to attract unwanted attention.

The tech way is the simple and powerful one. But there’s the way of the mind as well, and this one can be more fruitful. Once you master it, you’ll find that your orgasms can be more pleasurable. And that the stimulation you need could come from your mind itself! Let’s see how to make that possible.

The Mind Opens The Doorway To Pleasure

Here’s something to know and understand – the mind is the most powerful sex organ. Its ability to imagine, fantasize, and draw pleasure is unmatched. That’s why once you learn to direct your mind, you can improve your orgasms considerably. Some people can even get to the point of getting orgasms without having to physically touch themselves.

It takes some practice and some effort but the results are tough to contest. Your mind can very well be the stimulant your body needs akin to that remote controlled Lovense Lush 2 wearable vibrator.

Here are a few tricks and exercises for your mind and hotter orgasms.

  • Free your mind. Don’t weigh it down with disturbances, annoyances, or negative thoughts. Many people carry some sense of shame or reservation on topics of sex and sexual fantasy. Chuck them at the door.
  • Get fantasizing. Playing out your erotic thoughts in the mind will get you started.
  • Relive the moments of your prized sexual encounters or experiences. Or think back to the moments where you felt very sexually aroused. Try to remember the sights and sounds of these moments to create a vivid mental picture.
  • Read and enjoy erotic content. Read some erotic fantasies, other peoples’ sexual experiences, or write down your own erotica. 
  • Ever felt a tinge of sexual pleasure from non-sexual activities? Think back on those too!

Sounds simple enough, right? And it actually is. The difficult part is letting your mind run free and removing the burdens you place on sex, enjoyment, and orgasms.

Influencing Your Orgasms With Your Mind

Many people hold on to some specific behaviors and preconceptions. These might affect how you orgasm and even where you can orgasm.

  • Know your inner voice: What does your inner voice tell you? Positive self-talk can induce feelings of relaxation and bring you to a point where you can let go and simply enjoy the pleasures. On the other hand, going to the negative side might overwhelm your thoughts and interfere with the ability to orgasm.
  • Thoughts on sexuality: Some people look at sex as a taboo, a necessary evil, or a guilty pleasure. These thoughts will heavily influence your ability to gain pleasure and make it difficult to climax, even with direct stimulation.
  • Control: Are your thoughts more geared towards always being in control? Oddly enough, the desire to always be in control can inhibit your ability to orgasm. Learn to let go and have things take their course.
  • Previous trauma: For some people, thoughts on sex and intimacy can trigger thoughts on a previous negative experience or trauma. Similarly, people growing up without positive reinforcement and love, might feel uncomfortable and subconsciously trigger a defense mode when exposed to positive or pleasurable experiences. It is worthwhile to seek professional medical (psychological) help in these situations.

Stimulating The Body And The Mind

Everyone’s body and mind work differently. When you put both together and on the same page, you can get an orgasm by a simple touch or stimulation. A well-placed tickle or a rub can bring an orgasm, whether you’re in the privacy of the bedroom or a public place.

Some ideas to get the ball rolling are:

  • Let go of inhibition and fantasize. Build up some sexual tension by using your imagination and fantasies before you get the pleasure of physical touch. This pent-up sexual energy can turn even the simplest of touches into orgasmic bliss.
  • Go for a coregasm! This is a workout to stimulate your body. Exercising the core of the body while activating the pelvic floor may bring you to climax. 
  • Those who love yoga can match deep breathing with the flexing of their pelvic muscles. This can stimulate and engorge the tissue surrounding the g-spot, leading to a toe-curling g-spot orgasm. 
  • Stimulate the belly button! This sounds unusual, but can be put to good use. Stimulating the belly button can bring the vagus nerve into action. This nerve is a tree-like structure that connects to the brain and the cervix. Its stimulation can elicit an orgasm.

Don’t forget about those wonderful remote controlled sex toys. Building the joy of orgasm and the thrill of public play can be powerful buddies. Adult toys like a remote vibrator can bring the fantasy of an orgasm in public to real life.