Watercolour Floral Cami Set - photo shows the cami top laying on a blue background

Want to look beautiful in blue?  I sure do… and this baby blue floral cami set is just stunning!  The watercolour design gives it an arty look and the lace compliments the silky fabric perfectly.  Thanks to the team at Lovehoney for sending this to me in exchange for my review.

Floaty fabric

Watercolour Floral Cami Set - photo shows the back view of the cami knickersI was sent the Watercolour Floral Cami Set in a size Medium, and I’m a size 8-10.  This is meant to be quite a floaty set so it feels a bit larger.  The top is wide cut and designed to fit quite low exposing a good bit of cleavage!  The shorts are looser at the bottoms with the lace skimming your thighs rather than fitting snug.  I love how the fabric is cut up at the sides giving a high-leg finish.

The top has adjustable straps so you can lower or higher the front.  I find it looks best when it’s lower as the design works well when it fits loosely.

This cami set is absolutely gorgeous to wear on a hot day when you’ve been wearing clingy clothes all day and you long to wear something light and comfortable.  The fabric is soft, cool and super sexy!

Lovely lace

The top and cami knickers are trimmed with dark blue lace that skims over your cleavage and thighs.  The dark blue is a great contrast against the lighter shades of blue and pink.  I have a lot of lace in my lingerie and nightwear drawer so this is a winner for me!


Watercolour Floral Cami Set - photo shows a picture of the cami knickers, front viewI’d recommend this for hot summer nights and fans of slinky, silky feeling lingerie.  I would also recommend it for people loving pastel shades and gentle hues.  If you prefer to wear something tight fitting and clingy then this may not be for you.

Where to buy

Buy this set from the Lovehoney website for £32.99*.  EU customers please visit Lovehoney EU (€36.95*), and California visitors please visit Lovehoney California ($54.95*).

*Prices correct at time of publishing.

I was sent this item by Lovehoney in exchange for my review. Affiliate links are included in this post. If you click on a link and make a purchase, I make a small commission which contributes to the purchase of more products to review.  Thank you for your support!