Watercolour Floral Bra Set - image shows the front of the knickers

This sweet little bra set is too cute to miss!  Springtime silky fabric and beautiful pastel hues are exactly what I want at this time of year.  The Watercolour Floral Bra Set was sent to me by the team at Lovehoney in exchange for my review.

Pretty Pastels

Watercolour Floral Bra Set, image shows the lacy back of the knickersI’m a fan of pastel colours when it comes to lingerie as those sorts of colours look really pretty against my skin.  Blue is definitely one of my favourite shades and this set has lots of it!  I particularly like the contrast of the dark blue lace with the lighter pastel shades, very eye catching.  The watercolour design is cute, flirty and different – who wants a draw of plain coloured lingerie when you can have actual art on your knickers?!


I was sent the Watercolour Floral Bra Set in a size Medium and I’m a size 8-10, 32DD.  The knickers are a teeny bit on the big size for me, it’s difficult for me to get an exact match with a single-sized set as I’m a bit smaller on the bottom half of my body.  However, they do fit me well enough and there’s no chance of them falling down whilst I’m walking round the supermarket!

Watercolour Floral Bra Set - image shows the braThe bra is a perfect fit for me.  The under boob part of the bra is non-adjustable with no hook-and-eye fixing, so important that you get the right size.  For my 32 inch under bust this is spot on.  It zips up at the front which I like, I don’t have many front-fastening bras so it makes a nice change and is more comfortable than the traditional hook-and-eye back.

The cups hold my breasts well and there’s no sagging in the cups.  The lace is stretchy which really helps get a good fit!  The straps are adjustable so you can hoist your bangers up further if you need to.

Considering the lace part of the bra touches my boobs directly, there is no scratching, itching or otherwise discomfort brought on by the lace.  In fact, it feels as comfortable as a standard bra!  The beauty of having lace cups is that you can see a flash of nipple through it giving this sweet, girly lingerie set an edgy side.


I adore this set, and would recommend it to anyone who likes an unusual design on their underwear, fans of pastel colours, and people who like teaming cute and girly with sexy (the lace cups!!)

Where to Buy

You can buy the Watercolour Floral Bra Set from Lovehoney UK for £34.99*.  For EU customers, please visit Lovehoney EU (€39.95*).  For Canadian customers please visit Lovehoney Canada ($54.95*).

*Prices correct at time of publishing.

I was sent this item by Lovehoney in exchange for my review. Affiliate links are included in this post. If you click on a link and make a purchase, I make a small commission which contributes to the purchase of more products to review.  Thank you for your support!