We Vibe Tango-X

I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since the original We Vibe Tango graced the world with its presence. This toy was seriously popular! One of the first vibrators to produce deep, rumbly vibes, power queens and kings rejoiced when it hit the shops. Now, the Tango X is here, a redesigned version of the original which features a more powerful motor (is that even possible?) and a better shape so you can grip the handle more.

We Vibe Tango-XWith the original Tango, I found it too powerful (my tastes have changed since then – bring on the power!) but I also found it difficult to hold. It was so bone shatteringly powerful it was hard to keep your grip, and the handle was shiny and slippery which made it even worse. The Tango X’s handle has a different finish so it’s easier to hold.

Boasting 7 patterns of vibration and 8 speeds/levels of intensity it also comes with a travel lock, USB charger and is fully waterproof. You also get a storage bag and packet of lube! You get the standard + and – buttons to move through the intensities, and there’s a small barely visible button in the centre which you can use to change the pattern. I’m boring when it comes to patterns, I just like a constant speed, but each to their own and it’s good to have some options. It’s also fully waterproof so you can take it in the shower, or outside in the rain if that floats your boat!

We Vibe Tango-XSo is it better than the original? Yes, in fact in one word, I would say it’s awesome. It’s easier to hold, I don’t get numb fingers and it’s tapered for precision play. I can handle the first 4 levels of intensity so if you are a bit more sensitive, then you’re in luck as you may be able to cope with the lower speeds. I can get from 0 to orgasm in about 3 minutes with this little beauty! It’s small, discreet and easy to slip into a pocket or bag. Tip: use the travel lock if taking it out with you, just in case! Although I doubt it would accidentally go off, but you never know.

We Vibe Tango-XWhat I love the most about the Tango X is the shape of the tip, the power and how small it is. Clit play is my favourite and I do enjoy powerful vibes, so this is going to be a firm favourite and will undoubtedly feature at the top of my very deep sex toy drawer! The only downside is how loud it can be. On the lower levels it isn’t actually that loud but when you crank it up it does get a bit more noisy. But I can live with that! I would just suggest turning up your music up if you have thin walls or a house share situation. But otherwise it gets top marks!

Where to Buy

Buy the We Vibe Tango X from We Vibe in either Cherry Red or Midnight Blue shades priced at £79.99* (€93.96* or $111.04*).

*Prices were correct at the time of publishing. I was sent the We Vibe Tango X in exchange for my honest, impartial review. No affiliate links have been used in this post.