Otouch Cici Kitty Plus, photo shows the suction vibrator laying against a blue background with its pink bow around the middle

The HoneysX online sex toy store has a vast array of products including vibrators, dildos, masturbators, cock rings, eggs, anal toys, BDSM and Ben Wa balls.  They also have a blog on the site and offer various buying guides.  They provide international shipping with 2 different options depending on how quickly you would like to receive your product and they have a 7 day returns policy.

Looks & Features

Otouch Cici Kitty Plus, photo shows the suction vibrator in its boxHoneysX sent me the Otouch Citi Kitty Plus suction vibrator to review, thanks team!  I wasn’t sure at first if it felt a bit wrong to use a vibrator that looks like a kitten’s paw, but on receiving the toy I was impressed with how utterly cute it is.  It’s a super pretty white and pink toy that fits into the palm of your hand.

The Kitty Plus is made of really smooth, strokeable silicone and ABS plastic.  Inside the box you will find your massager/suction vibrator, a USB charging cable, a set of instructions and a storage bag.  The Kitty also has a cute pink bow fitted around it (which is removable).  The Kitty boasts 3 speeds for suction, but you can also use it as a vibrator by double-clicking the function button.  Here you will find a steady vibration mode with 3 speeds, plus 4 patterns.  There’s a additional button underneath that turns on an LED light so you can see what you’re doing in the dark!

Otouch Cici Kitty Plus, photo shows the vibrator laying on its white storage bag with the USB charger and instruction bookletSize and Controls

It’s a fairly teeny toy being 5.5 cm wide at it’s widest point and 10.3 cm in length.  For me it fits beautifully into my palm.  It has just 2 buttons, one controls on/off, the mode (switch between suction and vibration) and the intensity level.  The other button simply activates the light, so it’s simple an straightforward to use.

The Kitty Plus is advertised as being ‘whisper quiet’ but I would say that it isn’t; I rarely find a toy that is quiet especially the suction style toys.  It isn’t the noisiest by any means, but if you are worried about noise then I would recommend using it under a duvet or putting some music on to drown out the sound!  It’s splashproof, which makes it easier to clean.

Otouch Cici Kitty Plus, photo shows the vibrator from behind with its 2 pink operating buttonsI’ve tested a few suction style / air pressure vibrators over the years and although they do the same job, there are differences.  Some differ in terms of power, some feel more pinpoint (this is largely down to the head I feel), and the design of the toy makes some easier to use than others.  So how does the Kitty feel?

First thing to note is the suction head; it’s tiny. This makes it slightly harder to get into place as you have to ensure it’s right over your clitoris. With suction toys you also have to ensure your entire clit is encircled for the suction to take effect. The little light helps! I also use lube as the head is quite firm, so I would recommend this. Once in place, it feels really intense even on the lowest setting! I struggle to switch it up past the first speed but if you like pinpoint power and intense suction you may be able to crank it up a bit.

Where to Buy 

Purchase the Otouch Cici Kitty Plus from the HoneySX website.  This product is currently on special offer at $35.99*

*Prices were correct at the time of publishing.

This item was sent to me in exchange for my impartial review. No affiliate links have been used in this post.

Otouch Cici Kitty Plus, photo shows the vibrator laying against a blue background with the pink bow removed