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Hi!  I’m Petra Pan.  I review adult products, toys, lingerie and I occasionally write blogs which are mainly about sex. I started out blogging for the sex industry giant that is Lovehoney before deciding to write fuller blogs on a friend’s website as a guest reviewer. I decided in March 2018 to go it alone and set up my own site – this one! – which I hope you like.

I’m passionate about sex positivity and body positivity.  The adult blogging community is amazing to be part of, and I’m fortunate to work with some of the finest sex bloggers around.  I’m thrilled you’ve chosen to view my site, thank you!

I work full-time, blogging is something I do in my leisure time.  I love trying new products and writing about them.  Before I buy any product (sex-related or otherwise), I look for reviews.  Reviews are so vitally important to me, which is another reason why I enjoy writing them – to help inform others.  We’re all different of course, so the more information about my body and what I like, the better it informs the reader.

I enjoy writing about: toys and experiences, sex, lingerie, and anything else I’m passionate and knowledgeable about. I’m keen to end slut-shaming and the ridiculous notion that it’s OK for a man to have lots of sexual partners, but not a woman (she can have lots of sex though, just not with lots of people… *eyeroll*)

Here are a few facts about me!

Pronouns: She/Her

Age: Thirties

Twitter: @PetraPanReviews

What inspires me: Positive, confident, feminist women inspire me. Animal lovers inspire me. Kindness inspire me.

Who have I worked with? I’ve worked with Lovehoney, Satisfyer, Zumio, Betty’s Toy Box, Rocks Off, Womanizer, Lelo and Ann Summers.  I’ve been blogging since March 2017 and am a regular attendee at the Eroticon conference.

Want to work with me?

If you’re an adult product company, or fellow blogger, and would like to work with me, please visit my ‘Work with  Me’ page.

Disclaimer: All images, unless otherwise noted, were taken from the Internet and are assumed to be in the public domain.  I own the copyright to my own images which are featured in my reviews.

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