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Sinful Sunday – erotica

This week’s Sinful Sunday post is called ‘erotica’.  I hope you enjoy!  

Sinful Sunday – girl kisses

The music was loud, a local band banging out a tune to the large crowd of festival-goers, throwing their bodies around to the rhythm. The sun kissed our skin as she moved out of the crowd and danced towards me. Her long blonde hair glistened in the bright light of the summer, her lips held…

Sinful Sunday – Strap On

I feel like my true self when I wear a strap on. My masculine side is released as I stroke my temporary cock and watch her eye me with delight as she knows what is about to happen…  

Sinful Sunday – Cupping Set

For today’s Sinful Sunday, I’m using Molly’s prompt in the Wheel of Photography which has given me Artificial Light, and Toy. Here is my submission for this week; a cupping set which looks rather spooky against a night sky background, and the artificial light is a filter I have added.  I think this looks like something from…

Sinful Sunday – long satin gloves

This week’s Sinful Sunday post was inspired whilst I was looking online for some inspiration for my next ink.  I want a tattoo of a 1920’s flapper girl, with short sassy hair and a gorgeous head piece, jewellery and long satin gloves. I remember that I have some long gloves, purchased for a night out…

Sinful Sunday – Nipple Pasties

My second Sinful Sunday post is this, showing off my boobs and my heart shaped nipple pasties courtesy of Bijoux Indiscrets. I was given the nipple pasties at Eroticon, I ? them! Hope you like my submission.      

Sinful Sunday – Betty Boob

This is my first Sinful Sunday submission, hope you like it! This month, the theme is fun, humour, etc. So without further ado, allow me to introduce Betty Boob.     Isnt she a beaut?! ????