I love to review items and describe my experience.  I find reviews tremendously helpful when I’m shopping, whether that be for a sex toy, lingerie, clothing or a holiday.

I usually refer to my measurements within lingerie reviews as things can change!  But currently, I am 5’1 (can’t see that ever changing), I’m a size 8 – 10 and I have 32DD boobs.  As with everyone, my weight fluctuates so please check my individual reviews for my latest sizing and that should help you understand the fit of the garment.

I have purchased a lot of the items you see in my review pages, but occasionally I get sent an item by a company in exchange for my honest review.  This in no way impacts on my comments; if I don’t like something, I’ll say!  But as I’ve been reviewing for a while now, on here and on Lovehoney (with over 120 live Lovehoney reviews as at March 2018), I know my body and I can usually guess what will work for me.  If I don’t fancy a product, I won’t offer to review it.  But sometimes my expectations are too high!

I’m an affiliate with Lovehoney as I know and trust their products, and their customer service.  I’d be happy to work as an affiliate with new companies but not until I feel that I know them well and am confident enough to promote them.  Integrity is everything to me, I won’t endorse something I’m not happy with.

If you’d like to speak to me about us working together, please get in touch via the Contact page!